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  1. Dude, you should win two Oscars, one for your talent to make animations, and another for creativity in the positions that you creat. Amazing as always.

  2. Is that cum staining his front hooves from the previous episodes!?!? Oh my fuck. Dunno what I’m more hyped for:
    This or Game of Thrones!!!!

  3. What if the horse would cum twice before taking his dick out? Lara would be so much full of cum. Like the horse realizes that this hole is the best and the tightest

  4. Could be inside her bowel double orgasm.
    The first fills her belly. Before reaching the second orgasm can by sperm flow out of her ass and mouth, always when he pressed his cock inside her anus. It would be something very exciting and original. Simply grand finale

      • I can not imagine the expression on his face. Horse after the first orgasm in her rectum is not enough. Instead pulling out her cock, he continues with next penetration. Her belly is full of sperm but there is no way out. Bestial penetration sperm inside her body pushing out of her mouth. This could be the best ending.
        Animo take more time and consider this please. Perhaps as episode five.

        • If there is an episode 5. This could be last one. But if he decides to do one last episode, I hope the horse supersizes her urethra, that way Lara has given herself totally to the horse, all of herself.

        • Forgot to mention, yeah would be hot to see her belly so filled up, the horse keep doing her ass, filling her up a lot and making her overfilled tummy swing/bounce back and forth from the force. Squishy sounds as he fucks her ass.

  5. If the horse steps down right now, it will press down on her shoulders
    – cock punches her stomach from inside, making her puke at first
    – gets balls deep and cums, this time she wont stop it coming out of her mouth

  6. You should do an insides shot. Like in hentai where it shows her organs and the horse cock inside her from an internal perspective

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