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  1. For the cum scene pls make it over flow and cum drips out everywhere from the arse pussy mouth and why not from the eye sokets like she crying it

  2. I know it’s stupid and probably too late to ask but her somehow having a squirting orgasm right now would be the hottest thing ever

    • and this time bent over the stone, so the thrusts can’t push her away
      something else than just her stability must be broken through this time

  3. Holy shit *jaw drops* and now I’m gonna try to hold out until the Release are hard journey I must go through

  4. Did I saw just a hint of flare under her rib-cage? If yes, then consider this, that Lara might not survive this encounter with cock of this size. Then again, pussy (or was it womb?) action saw her penetrated from vagina almost to the throat, right through her heart and lungs… Maybe it was magical interference of island of Yamatai, where whole action is taking place?

    • The spell of immortality can only be broken by her squirting orgasm.
      She must be careful not to let the horse enter her again after that happens, but it’s a tame animal, so there’s no risk at all…

  5. Now THIS is the stuff of legends. Perhaps all we need is for the end of the series to come full circle, and give a nod to Lara_with_horse_2loops.flv and finish on the hardest/deepest doggystyle anal action ever. I’ll beg, if that’s what it takes!

  6. And if anyone could make a program with about 12 set scenes like this where you could just swap the female models and voices to a variety of gaming babes, they’d be very rich indeed. Imagine Marie Rose from doa5 like this!

  7. Hey Animo, it could be a ritual. After anal sex would be the horse transformed into human person. Both could happily walk away. It is easy and interesting story after all.
    So that it was not just sex. This whole sexual thing looks like it should have this sense. Lara Lara escort a cursed man changed to horse to this statue. She is gradually preparing for anal sex. First is pussy sex, pulls the dildo out of her ass and do oral sex, and finally the best anal. It is really short end animation, the horse will be after successful anal sex regain human form.
    Animo think about this, it’s a great job with this story would be all better
    PS. Sorry for my bad English.

  8. I would want to see her trying to climb her way up from that horse shaft in this same movie part, and slip half of the way back just to get impaled even deeper from the gravity… ahahh ;p so sexy

    • Perhaps in 2 weeks’ time. Animo has said in previous posts that it’d be April, so I’m counting on the idea that my birthday in the first week of April shall be grand.

      • Nah, there is still a lot of stuff and post production to cover. Just wait and it will be better then a rushed Version.

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