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  1. OMG. HOT!

    LoL – i wonder what that ass gonna look like when the horse is done with her (or should i perhaps say “when shes done with the horse”)…

  2. Hopefully the horse fills her up so the belly lifts her up. And after that the horse lays down on her back and the cum sprays out

  3. I think the horse could flare inside and get stuck, so when he steps back, she gets dragged by the cock.
    She will still hold on to the edge of the stone, so it will lift her a bit, before it finally pulls out.
    This could lead to the prolapse some people wanted
    Even if it doesn’t, I’d like to see her face when she gets pulled by her insides.

  4. I think most of us like the scenes where Lara doesn’t have control – the horse is fucking her and she can’t stop it. Perhaps focus on scenes/ending showing her panic because she is helpless while being fucked hard. For instance, could we have her suspended off the ground held up by the cock alone?

  5. id like lara to be filled up twice as much as she did in ep3. that she would almost explode and then at the last moment the horse pulls the cock off

  6. perhaps another horse penetrating her mouth and add a x-ray view where they encounter two cocks…. Imagine a double finished….

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