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  1. I love it when Lara at first seems in control of the situation , but then is overwhelmed by the brutal strength of the horse… being the last ep of this series that I’m sure I will not be disappointed.

  2. About the sound, i personally think there’s nothing wrong with EP2, and i miss it in EP3. All porn has those annoying “mechanical plastic moans” so probably that is where some people have a “rage about it” spot. They (we?) want it just the way it should be, natural without above over it. Kind of real life thing, when you are fucking your gf she’s not doing any of those porn bullshits, but also if your fucking her good, she reacts accordingly. Porn is so fake nowdays and it will become ancient myth soon enough to laugh about how primitive it was back in the day. That is where and what is all wrong about it.
    Best regards Animo

  3. So far the previews look just like the last anal scene…just this time a bit more to the side of the stone.
    But maybe the horse will rear up on its hind legs – then she would slide down on the cock.
    And the horse could then carry her to the stone…or the statue, the wall, whatever serves as a barrier to prevent her escaping a deeper insertion.

  4. i will try to bring constructive critics.
    The model of the horse seems really improved on this screenshot.
    lara’s head seems in an awkward position, her arm looks a bit unrealistic too.
    thanks for the great previews animo!

    • It makes no sense to criticize a preview because we all know that these defects will be corrected in the final version, trust the guy, he knows what he’s doing.

  5. The most exciting thing of this interaction between Lara and the horse, is that Lara leads the horse, and when he gets excited, she completely loses control over it, and he does what he wants with her. It is exciting to see the despair on her face when he takes over, and then see that she begins to drop and like his aggressiveness. Its so fucking hot. Great job on this details man!!

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