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    • not just bulge. zoom her mouth. it looks like the flare is peeking from the inside. please let me be right

  1. That brutal butt fucking seems to have her poor mind all scrambled. Don’t worry Lara the horse will finish inside you very soon.

  2. It’s almost disgusting, in a way, to see her reaction to intense and brutal gut-ramming horse is serving her. Does that mean that her mind is temporaly gone? I like to think that she is fully cognizant of her actions, and that look is because of depth of penetration, not because of mind break…

  3. Love the expression of her face with that eyes crossed and tongue out… amazing… hope she will open wide her eyes once she realised that huge cock is tearing her rectus channel apart… damaging her intestine… In a dark fantasy I was wondering the cock go out from her mouth… Would be amazing a gore version of this brutal mating…

      • Depends if you want to think cynically or not. Releasing before the 1st might mean a drop in patrons, and since the money is earned on that date…
        Anyway yeah, now I wonder what his “equipment” is. Sure, it’s supposed to be the longest episode yet, but let’s be real, it’s not gonna be more than 40 minutes. Oh well.

        • Keep in mind that even if he has good equipment, he most likely isn’t using the best (and even with that a 20+ minute animation takes several hours to render, at least 12). Not to mention once it renders he still has to test it, add sound if the rendering tool he’s using doesn’t normally do so, and THEN he has to go through uploading. This process can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, depending on his internet connection and upload speed.

  4. Kinda hope she makes it. Like quivers for a bit realizing what happened to her, then gets on horse naked and rides off.

  5. Of course she makes it. Killing under these circumstances anybody can, surviving and even enjoying only artists can.

  6. These might be the hottest vids I’ve seen on the internets – Amazing job, and can’t wait for the 4th episode!!!

  7. What a stress under the readers. And that’s all because of not knowing what is going to happen, just like the story of our world.

  8. judging from ep3, it took around ~30 days from like the “started rendering” post at end of november to full release at like january 1st. So i wouldnt be holding your breaths too much. it might even release on july if you follow ep3 timeline lol

    • He’s been getting money from patreon and apparently has better equipment now.

      You can tell a major increase in quality.

    • Yeah but with ep3 you can see he didn’t finish the animations until late December. He talks about making the ending around Dec 25, so maybe he was rendering/creating at the same time…?

  9. Mister Animо Hello!Let me know the date of download 4 episodes on Your website for public download?I just have so is the dick that he is able to pierce ANYTHING.even sky,even Allah.

  10. is it so hard to give a simple answer Animo? So much people want to know when Release is…and as usual no response from you.

  11. Gentlemen,well, when will you release episode 4?Perhaps something will appear in the first day of summer?Hope so…

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