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  1. Now that’s a lovely sight. Almost balls deep and the cock collar has gone in. She is now an anally tied to the horse cock. The cumshot is going to be awesome.

  2. I hope the collar gets stuck inside her so she can’t pull the dick out. That would be awesome, and a suiting ending of despair.

  3. Getting stuck with that collar, I can only dreeeeam of the horse filling her up with cum. But not stopping there, only to keep fucking her until yet another cum shot, never pulling out through the entire ordeal She'll be drooling and hiccuping cum right out of her mouth

        • Not sure, because Ive found previous videos quite boring in comparison with what I expected and saw on pictures. Despite that I am fan of deepthroat, I watched last video only 2 times.

      • It was never supposed to be released in April. April was an exceptionally rough estimate given at the very beginning of the development of episode 4.. Get your shit right or shut the fuck up.

        • yeah, this is what “suppose” means – an estimation. He also wanted to release the previous episode with new sounds, but looks like he decides not do it. Dont know why.

  4. OMG! Please show in the final video (Episode 4) cumshot many times, from many angles. Please, please, please.

  5. Could the collar slip off and as a final scene she would reach into her ass and pull it out covered in ass goo and cum?

  6. So, now we know what was that about different shape of bulge in previous picture. This cock-collar was finally punched inside her! Is it any wonder that expression on her face closely resembled fish taken from water? I imagine that she must have been in process of taking breath when horse did the right thing and rammed his cock deep inside. Good job and I cannot wait for next one!

    • I liked the idea, it would be exciting to see something like that. You need to use the freedom that animation offers to do this kind of crazy thing, crazy things that are not possible in reality. And that’s why these Animopron animations are so amazing, because they make this junction of unreal things with an extremely realistic and detailed look.

  7. And here we go
    The ring is in… oh that looks painful…
    Hope we can catch Lara face expression at the moment of the unwanted penetration of the ring cock… a mix of surprise an pain… with the eyes wide opened…
    Many thanks again

  8. A large horse cock fucking Lara Croft balls deep in the ass until a huge stomach cum inflation shooting out her mouth!? Well..I’m exited!!

  9. Hurry up, man! I can’t wait for this movie. Will be all frame from this movie? Bad- nothing surprise
    Another: Its time, she get huge orgasm.

  10. Was hoping the cock ring would make the horse cock longer thicker and harder so that when he goes balls deep, the flared head of his close to orgasm penis pops out of her mouth and he ragdolls her twitching body in the air as spurt after spurt if hot thick cum globs shoot out the tip; her belly chest and throat pulsing with each jerking urethral pulse of cum.

  11. Oh Yeah Sparrow Style
    Lara gets fucked by cocks that are bigger than her body itself.
    Mmm, a dream…….

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