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    • There is a stone in the center of the wall behind Lara, above her boobs, on pic 1 that does not seem to align with the rest of the stones in the wall.. Please fix?? – Just kidding – my point is WHO THE FUCK cares about what the knees looks like? Thats not where I am paying my attention but of course we all have different preferences…. I just cant understand that there is so much attention and focus of whats wrong when there is SO much good to cheer for instead. This is the fucking BEST porn animation EVER – its basically FREE if you dont choose to support Animo and still you COMPLAIN about shitty details?! Please go and jack off and maybe you get some blood back in to your heads….

  1. Correct me if i’m wrong but now you should be half-way done. So it will be out in aprox. 2 weeks maybe?

  2. Those fucking knees.

    Also, you could have said at least how many minutes were already rendered. “A lot minutes” [sic] is as vague as it gets. It’s like some kind of conspiracy is happening and if you said how much is done with the episode you’d end up dead. Come on, man…

  3. Will everyone shut up about the knees? This is still the best animation I have seen, so shut up and enjoy the previews.

  4. God, that looks amazing… amazing ass cheeks from the frame where lara is taking anal on the side… great original view… Also great scene were the stallion lift her from the floor.. mmmm.. sounds so gonzo.. ripping her ass.. a great masterpice.. unique.. Thanks Animo

  5. Hey animo do you have an imgur account were i can subscribe to and see the new frames you post here on youre website

    Thx if you have an account

  6. If the audio is done right, this last episode is going to be so NSFW lol. I’m talking nobody in a 30 foot radius unless they are watching too

  7. My birthday will be at June 14. So I have only one question : will ep 4 be released before my birthday? It will be too much cute

    • О, я думал что один тут русский сижу) а оказывается что нет) Неплохая кстати идея на счёт нового процессора)

    • вообще то он уже давно на деньги с патреона купил себе мэйнфрэйм для рэндера, он сам писал. Но вот книгу по анатомии он не купил по ходу.

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