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  1. Don’t you think that she is a bit skinny? I would prefer it, if she was a little bit fatter. Its just that such a big dick between so thin legs.. it doesn’t look as good as it would if she simply were a a bit fat. Not saying her to be fat, im just saying that if she were less skinny, it would be nice. Whatever i guess. Now its too late.

    For some reason i find pregnant women extra sexy. So if she got pregnant to EP5 and show her pregnant in EP6 would be really nice. Or is it just me?

    • YEAH BRO ! Let’s change the model now in the final episode, i’m sure it’s easy as fuck and totally fits. At least think before you idiots type. Both you – who keep asking for changes MID-MOVIE – and the idiots who don’t pay anything and complain about the release date and animo stalling. Just stfu and be patient and take what you get like everyone else.

      • There’s a difference between looking like a member of the fat acceptance community and being curvy.

        One body shape has well formed curves and well distributed fat, while the other looks like the hamburgers its built out of.

  2. Or make a tentacle one with her getting pregnant!
    In which she would either give birth to eggs or slimy tentacles. (or both?)
    I got this idea from hentai videos with tentacles.. Quite sexy. Am i sick? or.. perverted?

  3. Really, can’t wait. Question. How long is it gonna be? (Please do not reply “you ll have to wait and see” )

  4. For me it’s all perfect knees, horse , shoulders , fat, cock ring, great job animopron , I can only thank the spoilers, for your wonderful work , and also to be free , thanks animopron . is now only release Uhuuuu

    • Unfortunately it’s been the case in every video. In episode 2 half the video (about 4 minutes) features penetration, and in episode 3 (twice as long), if you only count the time when the horse is “active” it’s again something like 4 minutes. I hope episode 4 won’t be disappointing, there’s already lots of porn videos I could watch if I wanted foreplay and gentle thrusting.

        • Not at all, but that’s only my opinion. Again don’t get me wrong, I like that it isn’t one-sided, but for me it’s just too much right now.

    • I was just going to post exactly that – you read my mind!! Even just a 3D SBS version would be amazing – as it’s all computer generated anyway would it be easy to do? Seems like it might just require CPU time to do a left eye and a right eye version?

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