New X-Ray GIF

Check out this new X-Ray GIF up there
It’s not much left – i want to release a “remastered” version of LWH2 first (including X-Ray version as well), and then will start working hard on the next project.
Here’s a long preview with X-ray for patrons.


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  1. I wrote you an email about this, but I’m gonna say it here as well.
    Anyone noticed how strange her right arm in this scene? Looks deformed to me.

  2. Are you gonna change the voiceover? because for me it wasn’t that good, i prefered the old voiceover… and i think a lot of people think like me, because i saw a lot of comments about it(sorry for bad englando, not my main language).

  3. Awesome! Do you plan to create some tutorials or may be stream making of video?
    Also what do you think about Elizabeth from Bioshock? :3

  4. Great x-ray gif. The next view is that she hangs down on the front-legs of the horse. How far will he go then, at the beginning of her neck or halfway? ThatΒ΄s art.

  5. i was wondering, ever plan on doing something Overwatch related? something of your quality would be amazing in that department

  6. Oh go I love it!!!!
    It’s simply screwing her miocardius (the heart)… so damn extreme, sexy potent immage…
    I’m dreaming to see Lara giving a birth of a huge ‘baby horse monster’… making her x-ray pregnancy action. with the belly bulging, at each super strong kick before the birth… and then the super extreme vagina dilatation once the monster is ready… bracking her hips bones.. that’s why a love it.. cause everything is possible.. and Animo is a Master of fantasy beside graphics… anyway I hope my ideas are not too kinky extreme and you like it

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