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  1. Animo (or anyone really) should make an animation where two girls are making out when the horse cums in ones ass. The cum overflows through one girls mouth and into the other one as she drinks it.

  2. Insertion!! Yay! I do hope that this is distorted by the angel because his dick is kinda shaped like a traffic cone. I’m sure it’ll all work out. Looks incredible, Animo. Please keep at it. We would love this to be finished this summer.

  3. About what Aaron said I hope that the reason the dick looks like a traffic cone, is that is not full on hard yet. And that it gets BIGGER AND BIGGER AND HARDER AND DESTROYS HER INCH BY INCH. While she is screaming from pain and mind breaking pleasure at the end. PLEASE TELL THAT IT IS GETTING BIGGER, AS BIG AS IT LOOKS AT THE START OF THE DICK. And that it will destroy brutally both her holes!

    • Also, if we could have 40% pain 40% agony and 20% pleasure it would be fantastic. Just saying!
      Great work as always

      • what is it with you idiots and wanting a rape fantasy ? Most people maybe want the girl to start like that, but then turn into pure pleasure. The Lara videos are a great example of how the Quiet videos should be. Just add more interesting positions, but don’t turn this into a rape fantasy

        • we are here cause this is fantasy. And we can have anything because its safe as a fantasy. And since we are talking about horse fucking women I think we can all agree that we are all idiots and pervs at some level.

            • If you like seing girls suffering and you want “40% of pain and 40% of AGONY” (sic), I have to admit that you is a matter of concern… even if it’s just fantasy…

      • @brutalmind : yes! 40% pain 40% agony and 20% pleasure it would be fantastic but for the final I hope for 10% pain 40% agony and 50% pleasure … and hear her moaning like a big bitch in heat As if she becomes completely crazy!!
        (There is the visual quality, but her behavior is very important too)

        • +1000 totally agree
          also @nasty frenchy. You are trying to tell me that in a room about a video fucking a woman. Even in 3d. I am sick, cause I want some pain?
          Two points. One, sex with out pain is not enjoyable at all… Love is overated. And also
          really? sick? in a bestiality room? you call other people sick? We are all of our heads watching this.. haahhhahahahahahahahaahhaaha

    • We’ll get anal too – i prefer a slow start, sometimes the build-up makes it great – look at the Lara videos. If we get anal from the first vid, the rest is going to be less exciting

      • What do you mean obsessed with anal? animo has been showing us previews of ass play and we got vaginal penetration in the end; We only want what he was suppose to give us

    • The reason people is obsessed here with anal is because most are gay dudes and they dont find vaginal attractive because they lack a pussy for obvious reasons.
      All these fags ruining the fun for us straight males…

      • You couldn’t be more. Wrong literally. From every point of view this is wrong. Is just your view of your “closed” world. Anal is fantastic. It combines things that the pussy can’t. And the pussy also combines things that anal can’t. But saying that if someone likes anal he is gay. Is like saying if someone likes blowjobs he is gay and if a woman likes licking her she is a lesbian. How much I pity you for you will never understand what can manifest through sex when everything is available.

      • if most are gay dudes, wouldn’t they be looking at gay porn? not this straight, weird fetish shit?
        you ever wonder why there is alot of straight anal porn online? its because the ass is usually tighter than the pussy so it feels better( for the man at least)

        • Most gay men are in the closet and don’t even realize they’re gay. Their head tells them that women are hot but their cock tells them that ass is sexier than pussy.

          • Then by that logic, everyone here is a closet horse fucker but don’t realize it. Their brain tells them humans are hot but secretly they want to fuck horses.

    • Lucky for the non-straight non-male crowd, Animo is creative enough to cater to the broader audience, including a bi girl who enjoys anal as much as vaginal (sometimes even more, when the mood is right). Of course, if you think only you are in the right and only what you like should be the golden standard things are ruined. It must be difficult living like that in the real world.

  4. thanks for the, oh wait, its a still picture, i shake my monitor, but it not move it :(… . . . . .l
    loooks very sexy, yay

  5. If Quiet goes limp, being too exhausted to struggle, the interrogator could untie her…and then drag her by her legs onto the cock, while the horse is pushing the other way.

  6. Hope she takes it in pleasure later that’s what I really loved about the Lara episodes. Also yes please let her blow the horse that was the hottest shit when I first saw Lara ep 3.

    • He very much does deliver on quality does not deliver on time frame he makes big bucks now time to higher some folks

  7. That looks better than Lara’s penetration. Here it really looks like a tight fit with no gap between the dick and the pussy.
    Great work!

  8. This is strange .. this penis looks like CONE, not like TUBE like images before. Let it look like a huge tube, not like a cone, that’s strange, cause if it’s a hard penis and you squeeze it in one place its becoming thinner only right in this place, NOT LIKE CONE which is gradually thinner, little by little, from the Root to the point of tapering, here must be thinner only in tapering, like two Sausages connected to each other. And second thing, dont squeeze horse penis with the vagina so much and stretch this vagina a little more with this penis from start.

  9. I don’t care how long the video is taking, but the fact that anime NEVER answers questions in the comment section is annoying and lazy, if he even reads them that is.

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