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  1. I’m not exactly sure if that’s supposed to be precum or pee… looks kind of like he’s pissing liquid mercury lol. But whatever, I’m still happy because it looks infinitely better than the comical cum in the Lara videos – Good job, I really do appreciate all the work you put into this, I’m just being critical cause I’m an impatient ass

  2. Animopron Team, this new project looks so good as everyone is saying. But please use audio like (or from) episodes of lara 1,2,3. Lara episode 4 audio wasn’t that attractive. It may be real life voice or so. But her moaning wasn’t attractive in ep 4. But we know you will do your best. Looking for release. Thank you.
    For next project can you use Tifa Lockhart from Final fantasy game.

  3. It seems like one week equals about 10 seconds of video run time. At this rate, I’m shocked that people are still paying $8/month. If the final video is 20 minutes long, it will take around 120 weeks to complete, at the current pace. Over two years. How long did it take to make the Lara vids? Don’t get me wrong, what he is doing is far better than most other CGI porn I’ve seen, but the wait is not worth it. Definitely won’t be finished before the end of this year. I’m guessing next summer at the earliest.

    • Everything is wrong with Patreon but you still see hundreds of [porn] projects reaching 4 to 5 figures per month. So the world is getting poorer, but apparently not enough to stop donating thousands to people who then have no incentive to finish quickly.
      Just imagine working at McDonald’s and customers paying you per month. Even if you only cook 10 burgers in a month, you’ll still earn more than a real wage-slave. That’s today’s world unfortunately.

    • LWH2 is what ? roughly 40 min ? (raw approximation not counting the special versions with x rays and “through” shots). So by your estimation, it took 240 weeks to be done. Close to 5 years. If you make up numbers, at least make up credible ones
      I think it’s pretty obvious comparing what he does and other animation that he’s putting more work than most, if not all of the other. So about your price point, I think the truth behind it is “some ppl pay a lot because most people don’t pay at all”, not “it’s expensive for what they pay”, especially considering 99% of the ppl won’t pay and see it for free. If you want to make comparison, it would make more sense to see what people get for other patreon or early access etc than what happen in the entirely different sale scheme for traditional retail mechanic.

      • My numbers are real. Do the math. They don’t lie. He moved much faster with Lara. It is all archived here for you to research. The quality was a lot poorer with Lara so it moved faster. Everything he has shown us to this point is all within the first 7-10 minutes. He started this project around New Year’s. 6 months for 10 minutes of video? Is it not realistic to assume that this will be more than a year until finished, at this rate?

        • Called your bluff and just did that.

          LWH2 EP1 was released on Patreon on March 15th, year 2015 – 3 month after previous unrelated release. 12 weeks for 190s, 16 sec anim per week.
          EP2, 15 weeks later, 512s, 34 sec per week
          EP3, 25 weeks later, 983s, 39 sec per week.
          EP4, 30 weeks later, 1350 sec, 45 sec per week

          Number don’t lie. You did. I was entirely correct to call your affirmation far from credible. You were entirely wrong to ask for double checking.

          Now that this is settled, let’s try to gain establish reasonable expectation: works on BTQ started on January this year, something around 24 weeks ago. The 1st episode is the slower to produce because you have all of the assets to create, the action to pick, etc (all those things we’ve indeed seen being created live on this blog). If it follows the same speed than the LWH2 Ep1, we can expect 6 minutes of animation more or less in the box at this point. That being said, my bet is that it’s less as the movie looks substantially more complex than the previous one, with one more character, cloth action, a more elaborate scene, better everything etc. I would expect an august release with something like 4-5 minutes, but then other episodes going possibly faster than LWH2 (experience gained).

  4. Animo (or anyone really) should make an animation where two girls are making out when the horse cums in ones ass. The cum overflows through one girls mouth and into the other one as she drinks it.

  5. Mmm some pee game… excellent.. the Stallion got horny with her pee before.. now the beast want to mark the territory.. hope she will lick the stallion urethra

  6. When the horse finally penetrates her, it would be fun to see her jaw drop, eyes roll toward the back of her head and head tilt back so you can see the emotion of her taking that beast cock

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