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  1. “this one more preview frame, before the release” … don’t toy with me, animo-santa! xD I’m already hyped-up as it is!

  2. please please please release before the end of the month, I’m loosing internet on jan 1 and have no idea when I’ll be able to get it back on

  3. Love how many here just keep saying “good good” or “please release it soon”

    while animo is “haa i just keep releasing previews”

  4. Lot of kids here that have no idea the amount of time and effort that goes into creating something like this. Anyways, looks awesome Animo! Really looking forward to it’s release.

        • Oh please, get off your high horse. (I’m sure there’s a dirty joke there regarding Lara but nevermind) Don’t act as if you’re better. We all appreciate the amount of time and energy Animo has poured down into his works, some of us just appreciate it a bit more and really wish to see the release.
          “Kids”, bah! Humbug! At the end of the day, you’re sitting with the rest of us, wanking to a fictional woman getting banged by a horse.

          • Hay dude my gut is telling me Animo is almost done don’t quote me on that but I looked on patreon and he said something about their will be a link just incase this gets flooded with people so I’m assuming that he should be close to being done ps I’m not a patreon I just look to see if I can get info like a messenger XD

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