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    • When he renders it, I believe depending on the speed of the pc, the duration of the video and the materials rendered, will determine how quickly it gets fully rendered into a video format.

      I’m no expert on this because I don’t know what program is used to make the 3d animations(I assume 3d max), even then, I hardly mess with 3d modeling programs.

      Though I also can’t wait for this to get released.

  1. Eeergh, you made a mistake, as far as I can see on the Pics: The “fluid” do not come from this Position from the lower end of the stomach. It has to come from the upper (as i already said: only in this Position):
    The horse’s cums is inserted into the ass, not the mouth. It is the “Exit” of the stomach, not the official entrance.
    Keep up your great work man!

  2. The cum that comes out her mouth is from the previous ending EP3 it just gets pushed out of her mouth at the last cum Sean

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