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  1. It’s pretty well done. The girth is perfect but I’m still thinking that the lenght is just fucking nonsense… I can’t wait for the return of the Ogre from the episode with Ellie…

    • The girth is NOT perfect it’s too small but the lenght is ok.Yeah I know, unrealistic sizes is nonsens, ridiculous and and and…
      But hey who cares, I mean it’s 3D fantasy pron

      • I know it’s fantasy pron… But I guess there is fantasy porn still “credible” that is unreal but seems real, possible… and fantasy porn totally overexagerated that don’t seem real… This second category don’t match with me… It’s a shame…

  2. (Quiet) AH! ****** *********** *********** ************** ***************** ************ ********** ********** ********** ************ **********!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very nice defloration (Quiets first horse cock, right!?) scene! :-)))
    I am loooking forward to a real good oral defloration scene! With lustful tears runing down her face. *hehe*
    I hope the horse fucks her throat ball deep with no mercy right from the first stroke. It’s an animal who only want’s to ram his big dick into a warm and narrow hole,
    Unfortunately for little Quiet it’s not a horse vagina but her jerking, hot and very narrow throat.

  4. Wow.. Amazing reaction to the Horse stud penetration.. love it. face expression arched back and slight belly bulge.
    And that feet are so damn sexy.
    Can’t wait for a furious huge belly bulge gonzo rough sex. Anal one mostly… mmm

  5. prretty good!
    but I think the dick doesnt look hard enough, especially too much compression allowed on the shaft. you should allow compression on the gland but not so much on shaft.

    • Maybe it’s to show it isn’t much hard yet…
      The interrogator can now stroke it to make it sloowly grow inside without thrusting, increasing the pressure.
      Thn when Quiet is strained to the max, the horse gets a slap on behind, and thrusts in, breaking into the womb and moving the bulge higher.

  6. It doesn’t look hard yet, I hope we see it grow hard inside her (like what happened during Lara’s first deepthroat)

    Keep up the great work, Animo!

  7. Excellent reaction to the penetration!! Very good small details. This is looking very very good, my friend. Let’s hope everyone remains patient, for this is taking forever. Lol. But extremely good quality, sir.

  8. F**k yeah! Love the way she reacts! I’d appreciate some bulging, like Lara with horse. Put the ATWT some time later… I could never get used to her reaction… (THAT FACE!!!!)

  9. I’m still waiting on those eyes to pop out of her head and blood to profusely squirt from her nose…If you can,make a scene where the horse shoves it thigh deep balls and all then just breaks his cock off inside her that would really get me off…

  10. That horsedick is not quite clear. First there was a huge glans, now a tiny one. And all the time that dick isn’t hard. How come?

  11. Que rola gostosa da porra caralho, quero ver ela de costas levando essa mandioca no cu !!!!!!! Grande arte em 3d .

  12. Is it normal that I cheered when I saw the penetration? No? I didn’t think so either… I’m messed up…

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