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  1. Animo, do you think at some point you will release 1 full length movie containing all the 4 episodes + this see-through scene, edited better? A director’s cut sort of thing? It would be greatly appreciated despite the quality differences between episodes. Anyone else agrees?

    • I thought that this was that very thing you are asking for right now. I’m pretty sure he’s working on the full length movie iirc

  2. A week ago(last post) you said you were going to start on ending scene & now your barely going to start on it in next few days?
    Stop milking your patrons & finish this already & start on Quiet video.

    • He said he working on “cumshot” scene, not an “ending”. But in both ways it doesn’t mean he working on “last remaining” scene. Probably it still many “cumshots” and “endings” to do.

    • if they feel like they are getting taken advantage of patrons can walk away anytime they want, but plenty of us are quite happy that hes taking his time to add these really great additional parts to this video, animo is an artist and hes productive, so people should shut up and stop being so self entitled and get some perspective.

  3. I just find it funny how when part 4 was released the website literally broke and now it’s back to the weekly or so post it’s fine, but as soon as he has a date set in stone for the release of whatever is next it is likely to go to he’ll again

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