New GIF from EP4

Okay, check out this new GIF from EP4
There’s only 1 position left, and i will start creating a cumshot scene.
New preview for patrons is here.
Check it out

P.S. EP4 will be the longest episode of the series.

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    • This position took 2 weeks to create and I think there’s still the finishing cumshot for this position, transition to the next one, then lara getting pounded for a while, then the final cumshot and maybe a bit of an epilogue left to do, plus it needs to be dubbed. I think it’s going to be done in June, 2 months later than initially projected but judging from the previews it will be worth the wait.

      • It would be cool to have an estimate from the author himself, because with all you said it looks like it would take a lot more than a month and a half.

  1. Longest episode? Balls deep insode ass? Oh man, I smell awesomness in air; there are so many amazing scenes in this upcoming movie that I fear for my health… I am gonna be completely dehydrated at the end…

  2. Her head clips through the horse’s torso. Just remember to fix these little glitches. Great work as always. I wish I could go that deep in a woman.

  3. Holy fuck!!! Balls deep stomach fucking, this is truly the best horse bestiality pron I’ve seen! Her rectum is going to be crushed by that huge cock, i cant wait What will the anal creampie be like!!?

  4. It looks like she’s shaking her head nooooo but show no mercy and longest ep damn how long is it 30min although that would be epic

    • 30 min? This guy struggle to make 10 mins in 5 months, UnidentifiedSFM makes 7 mins a month with 1/4 the pay (Vault Girls only is 7 mins, even more if you include the other 4+ series hes got going)

  5. we want more than 30 min let him 1hur
    i like that ep so match but i hope if you can finish before 10dayes

  6. Yeah take it bitch I hope it fucking kills you you horse fucking whore, animo I love you, you need need to be paid more these videos I mean I love these more than food and I’m a man who likes his food

  7. Why are her ribs jiggling like her boobs? and, as previously mentioned, her head phases into the horse.

    • Because she is in modeling clay !!! I see only this explication to how she manages to take all this dick (especially the lenght ! x) … )

  8. Oh, my God.As Lara is still alive?I believe that this episode will be the most cruel to his beloved Lara and I hope the longest.And another thing:well, when will be release?I have all the other parts looked to holes.Looking forward to the final episode!!!

  9. All three episodes are sexual foreplay, this will be about biggest orgasm. I hope that will be his balls shrink when flowing sperm inside her bowel.

  10. I’ve loved every pic and gif from EP4 but I hope the lack of speed is just a deceit. As of yet it has always seemed slow penetration, and I hope for good, rough pounding.

  11. any cry/begging/scream/Scratch/…؟!!
    next=lara with a cyborg for more impossible stuff…
    i believe in lara

  12. i like how her head goes up when he pushes balls deep. looks like he pushes all the way through her and goes in her throat.

  13. God thats hot. In some strange way i want her asshole to be wrecked. I mean like a blown up trainwreck… Useless for anything else than to be fucked by a huge horse cock… great work so far animo! Looking forward so much for the finished episode.

  14. Any possibility of pissing in a future video? Would be so hot seeing her get spayed in the face with hot horse piss

  15. As i want it to be released just now, i want it to be just perfect. It’s going to blast off all other videos of this kind in an instant xD Glad to be a part of community that supports this work. Two thumbs up

  16. Still no release date? I need to know how many months I’ll need to hold off fapping.
    Anyway, will it release with sound or do you intend to release it soundless first? Because that might again take a couple more weeks…

  17. Oh it looks so great… amazing the skin of the asshole following the cock when it pump back… Hope Lara will get the hugest open forever ass gape ever immagined… alternated to a forever prolapse too… Love also Lara moving the head trying denying the huge pain she put herself into… Hope the horse will not have any pitty, liyng with all its weight on her.. and literrally impaling her… Catching also Lara Pain breathless expression and crying moans…

  18. i buy shit like google cardboard but little better and i waiting delivery and release of this video, yeah i love to experiment

    • Naaah it looks good ! :-p However, I don’t want to see where is the tip of his dick… Cause THAT, yes, it will probably be more than weird… >_< Other than, it's fine !

    • чем больше вы ноете “когда выйдет”, тем дольше автор затягивает выпуск. судя по кампании в блоге и характеристикам здесь – не меньше, чем через месяц в рендере (и вряд ли со звуком, но возможно), ибо затягивает как нельзя дольше. видимо, бабло нада).

      • Кто из руссо про суставы говорил )))) ? теперь я тоже вижу руки-шланги у героини .

        • Модель такая. Суставы не везде прикручены. Наверно, сложно в саму модель прикрутить. 3DsMax ведь не является полноценной студией, из него только “качественный” полуфабрикат можно получить, не более.

        • Эй, а как же кожа? Анус в сцене еще нормально, а вот другие части выглядят, как картонно натянутые на что-то. Но автора можно понять, он работает один, за ним никто не проводит доводку, как в азиатских студиях (там в хардкорном 3D на это акцентируют внимание, редко у кого получается), и бабла принудительно(!) не требует за свое, кхм, творчество.

      • Во бля, я уж думал что тут русских нету) Ну по сути да, автор сначала денег соберет, а уж потом и выпустит, и то наверное сначала без звука, и через недели 2-3 уже со звуком

        • Ну на патреоне он на чирик расчитывал , а тут уже тринашка прилипла , думаю да пару недель резину потянет до читырки и какую нибудь забористую картинку новой ,,новеллы,, представит

  19. lara on the ground she doggystayle and horse fuck lara hard with cum in ass also go the cum from lara mothe >>>

  20. It would be fucking awesome, if and when the horse cums in her ass, she would puke up some of the cum at the same time, like a fountain.

  21. You know what would be awesome? Horse would cum and fill lara real good. When the horse tries to take the dick out it doesnt because of the cock ring. The horse would start fucking again and cum another time and the cum would just explode out of her mouth!!!!

    • Oh yes and while he fucks her the second time you can still see the massive cum inflation in her belly.

  22. Mmmmm ok….. so is there any patreon on here?
    Cuz i can’t pay, if i could i would. But i wanna see those special previews. This is really nicely written stuff.
    @animopron Ps. I can do really good voice over. If you want i’ll be happy to give you a few samples.

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