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    • of course not. Animo (and which one from “patrons”) in February said about release date “late April – middle May”. you not listening, not anymore.

          • Yeah, if I was doing this money from animating, I would definitely try hard to make it the best possible, even if it takes a bit longer.

            • You are right. Quality > Quantitiy (hehe Titi)

              But a Progress bar like: Its 90% Finished, of 50% would be nice.

  1. His dick looks like it’s getting bigger past the cock collar, I wonder if it’ll push back with enough force to cause the whole cock to get bigger like a cock ring, and deeper penetration on Lara, or if it goes in, it’ll tie him with her

  2. When is it cumming out? lol, if I’m not paying for it why should I ask. I think ill become a patron soon, I just hate to put this on my bank card lol. Honestly this should be sold for $20 an episode when including all these free teaser updates. Remember Animo, your time is valuable don’t feel obligated to undersell yourself, this is one of a kind quality animation. Just please do some DOA for the next round, I think I mentioned some details when I commented a few posts ago. Just remember theyre cute karate chics up for anything and are up for the challenge cause they think its fun and they love Mr. Ogre’s big cock and ready to pleasure him with a good all anal fuck, but they don’t know what ogre has got in store next, could get really messy up in here.

  3. maybe when the cock ring finally pens her, it’ll get stuck when she tries to take it out, effectively plugging her backside. Damn made myself jizz a little

    • Hopefully! That will mean she is impaled on the horses cock. So if the horse steps back she will be hanging underneath it, legs dangling above the ground…suspended by her asshole. Imagine her helplessness as the horse cums!

  4. Rather two things will happen 1 the ring will go in lara’s arse or 2 she will take the ring of to get the full horse cock again

  5. I would love to see her face, and hear her voice when full penetration finally occur, which is inevitable. There was hint of apprehension on Lara’s face when she pulled out this cock ring; like she knew that, ultimately, her efforts to prevent aforementioned gut-tearing would be futile.
    Also, it’s such a shame; her ass will be permanently gaped from this attack.
    It will make wearing gigantic butt-plug a must, and wearing these tight jeans impossibility, without giving everyone a hint about her…situation.
    I am waiting with stopped breath on final movie:)

  6. Oh god, love it so much… you see.. You don’t just have a amazing skills and talent in computer graphics, you also have this amazing gift of building up tension and vibrant awaiting for what could come next. For what we know, and hope will come next… You such a great complete artist.
    I hope the horse will full penetrate Lara, inserting the cock ring, in such a rough, painfull way and kinky way…
    Causing Lara pain and climax/pleasure expression simultaneously with her moan and then scream…
    The sound in this amazing clip will be quite important… from Lara voice, the sound of the penetration, in the different moment… avoiding too much ripetitive screams, but wisely modulating them, and avoiding covering too much the penetration sound… Also in this I trust you fully.. And I’m sure will be worth wait as long as it takes for you…
    The artist at work must always be respected
    Once again,
    Thank you very much

  7. I hope the ring breaks off and she just gets pummeled. And when he cums, I hope there’s so much of it that it spews out the other end.

  8. I think the next video should be little Midna from Twilight Princess having some fun with Wolf Link’s comparatively giant wolf dick. He could knot her throat, pussy, and ass, and inflate that cutells little body of hers. Dog sex>horse sex imo. And Midna’s the cutest, curviest little thing ever to grace a video game.

    Animo, your work is top-notch. Great animation and amazing sound design. You’re at the top of the heap of 3d artists in my book. Although I think maybe you give too much away with all the previews. Leave some of the story to be told on release day! Anyways, this fan salutes you!

  9. I too vote midna with wolf link. If not samus and Ridley. Ridley be a huge challenge though. So maybe gangrape by space pirates. I personally do not like tentacle but the metroid she rescued in super metroid would work too.

  10. Мужики у кого есть ссылка на 1 часть этого чудесного порно? И когда 4 епизод выйдет?

  11. ее нет в природе к первой части автор относит первые короткие ролики с ларой

  12. Сам посуди. Чувак зарабатывает 11 штук баксов в месяц на этом деле. Бросит он его? Думаю нет))) В предыдущем посте он предложил людям высказываться, какой следующий игровой персонаж будет теребонькать его буйная фантазия. Так что продолжение будет…

    • 9 раз из десяти он собираешься использовать patreon идеи, но им сено не жалуюсь

  13. Если это будет последний эпизод, может имеет смысл соединить все эпизоды в один большой фильм?
    И в будущем хотелось бы увидеть Лару с двумя конями (двойные проникновения и прочее) .
    Есть еще любопытный вариант Лара + Лошадь + Конь.
    Еще можно c двумя девочками как в Girlfriends4Ever.

    • Я не думаю что с Ларой ещё что то будет, автор сам писал что это заключительный эпизод с её участием, но так то идея очень даже хорошая, хотелось бы увидеть нечто подобное) А на счёт Girlfriends4Ever, думаю такого не будет. Но пока рано об этом говорить, хотя может через год, или два, что то подобное увидим)

  14. Come on Animo, “updates every 2 days” its been 4 buddy, Where’s my fix of L.C gettin stuffed to the brim? ?

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