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  1. Did anyone saw that? I think that right now, I just discovered the single MOST wonderful bestiality-related series in whole internet, possibly over-shadowing famous Vaesark and others. Now I cannot help but download ALL of movies I saw on site, so I could immerse myself in world of Lara and her horse-friend on Yamatai. Good job!
    Also, I wonder: did you plan on her chocking on horse seed which undoubtedly WILL go ll the way through her digestive track, or maybe it will be her source of important proteins for long nights on island? If yes, then I think Lara should have something akin to giant butt-plug which she would use to preserve her entire load inside stomach…

    • The cool of doing animation is that you can use all your creativity to make things impossible in the real world. What’s the point of doing something in animation that reflects the real world?

      • The point is that you can do things that would be illegal or unethical in real world.
        I’m not a even fan of violence, pain, rape or/and horsecocks in reality, that would be a huge turn off.
        In real world, she wouldn’t survive this…in virtual reality it doesn’t matter – make her explode from cum

  2. I am using the translator, so forgive mistakes.
    A I would have liked to see Lara in the EP3 , when it will give up the ass and not give reverse and was very deep. Expect to see the same situation in the EP4 , I’m sure!

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