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  1. You can take this comment seriously or not, But I would suggest you give a more accurate release date. Preferably releasing it soon as I think people are starting to get fed up and I’m noticing your losing patreons.

    Please don’t take that the wrong way as I think your stuff is fantastic but It’s a observation.

    • He’s not losing patrons. It’s just that the fake ones are presently calculated out. Also don’t hurry him now that he is making the last scene, which is the most important and exciting one. The longer it takes from now the better it will be, so I personally hope for a Christmas release.

      • Not for nuttin but hes making 10k a month from patreons. I know that creating this shit is time consuming but damn release shit on the regulkar or suntin

        • He’s not making 10k a month yet, more like 7k. The only way for a single person to create a long video like this without many loops is by taking his time. And if that’s what he wants to create, it’s the artist’s decision and should be respected.

          • Well being a Patron is not only supporting with Money. Many things that are added in the Episodes are Ideas from supporters, like this Scene from the gif for example.

  2. Eh, people, calm down. He told me last week that it would take at least two weeks to finish this – I’m sure it’ll be up this week, or early next one.

    This is looking real nice, and I can’t wait until it’s finished<3

    • *Correction: He told me the 6th of November, so two weeks ago. And he added that it was a 11+ minute video. :3

  3. Damn, what WON’T this episode have? And yeah, throatfuck would be freaking amazing. It’s not like anatomy has been a deterrent so far, lol.

  4. Here’s the thing. I was a $10 Patreon for him for about 8 months. I gave up this month as he always words things as “very soon” or “almost done”. I love his work but seriously we got him new hardware and he got some other goodies to upgrade his shit and I can not really keep funding someone who has not produced an episode for 5 months. I hope in the future he does mini episodes or becomes less obsessed with changing a scene 3 times in a week. I will fund you again when the episode is released but until then I won’t hold my breath for anything less than after Christmas at the rate this is going.

    • If you are my patron – then why you don’t ask me this on patreon? Again, if you are my patron – then you recieve a “mini animation” (4-7 seconds) each 2 days!
      I’m not being silent for 30 days, without posting anything and repeating “it’s very soon!”, i’m posting my progress each 2 days, and you know where i’m right now.
      So, either you are not my patron, and just trying to insult someone, or either… i don’t know. Anyway, you can always stop supporting me, if you’re not happy, what’s the problem?

  5. I’m not your patron. I’m a freeloader. But I have to say that your animation, sound and “sense of perversity” is the best that can be found in 3d animated porn. And the fact that it also involves bestiality, it also makes it extremely rare. So I can understand people becoming anxious. You’re doing great work and I hope you keep doing what you do, because the world of 3D porn desperately needs you.

  6. If you get past the trolls being trolls and what not and see this, I just want to say you’re AWESOME. Also I like some of the first comments on this before the shit started down hill, a deep throat from that position would be great. Especially if there was some belly bulge involved, although I am pretty sure we are past the DT part of the film. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to it when ever it gets here.

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