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  1. The ending is close guys.

    We are discussing with Animo on two possible endings.

    He has already said its to being rendered.

    (I’m a Patreon)

    • The ending of the first part? Because, it will have more than one part, right?

      I hope that in the end, Quiet, free, is so hot that she sucks the cock of horse.

        • >episode 1
          >2 parts
          >episode 2 will be 5 and episode 3 will be 9, stay tuned for a finished work in 2022 :^)
          Joking aside, thanks for keeping the bottom of the barrel informed of what’s going on. It’s amazing that a patron communicates better than the project owner.

          • The way I see it, on the one hand, Animo owes communication to the patrons, not the freeloaders. On the other hand, it’s obvious from Animo’s posts that what he has in great 3d modeling talent, he lacks in other aspects. Clearly, he’s not the best communicator and his English level is less than advanced. I am not hating. Just stating facts.

            • he may owe communication to his patrons, but it would also be better for him to communicate better with non patrons or why bother having this section ?
              im kinda on the fence when it comes to supporting him with actual money at this point, i like what he does but the speed of production is very slow and despite very significant amounts of money going his way every month, production speed has not increased, plus dare i say it at this point us free loaders havent seen anything “new” , we have another animation of a big tited video game woman getting fucked by a horse, hopefully Animo isnt a one trick pony (pun very much intended).

              • I total understand thT.

                That’s why I’m only doing one month of support. In wanted to see what was going on.

              • By the time LWH came to an end Animo had a considerable patreon fanbase. Doing a second horse story allows him to grow the audience even more. I see that as a business strategy with continued support from enough patrons interested in what he will do next. IMO, the next step is to move on from the horse, just as he moved on from Lara.

              • sry not sry
                do you even understand the amount of time it takes to produce an animation?
                I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this isn’t some sfm model shit.

                Animo posts previews frequently and consistently.
                >>You are receiving a free service.<<
                If only the solution to real work was more cash=quicktime

                The people who donate to keep animo fed and bills paid are receiving communication and their requests honored.

                those who wait around for the handout are to be seen and not heard.

                Animo owes us nothing. Not even an explanation nor previews. He doesn't even owe us the final product. But we are getting them.

                If not catering the freeloaders is making you question donating you weren't going to actually donate in the first place stop fronting.

                • firstly it isnt a service and it isnt free, Animo gets paid and very well, yes people understand that animation takes time,animators do like to bang on about it, but that said it takes less time if you hire other people to help with the work load, maybe he should spend less time pandering to the paterons whims and just crack on and get the job done.

                  • yet we keep hearing the same thing from a group of freeloaders -and not the patrons- that Animo should hire people and pump out content faster. leechers gonna leech?

                    • To be honest、I prefer that he does it all himself. I know what it like to have a vision for your artwork.

                      You don’t trust other ppl to properly breathe life into it

                  • kek
                    Are you a patron?

                    Animo is getting paid. But not by you.
                    When he is done you will have gotten service for no burden to you other than having to had wait for it to be delivered.

                    Animo owes nothing to us who are waiting on his goodwill to deliver. Funny how his patrons are having no problem with the time it’s taking. They seem pretty content. Otherwise they can withdraw and still be guaranteed a final product.

                    Best thing is right upfront Animo gives you equal patron access no matter the amount you pay. You want to have a say? pay 1 dollar.
                    otherwise stfu be humble.

        • No.

          It’s going to be multiple episodes.

          I think your confused because, he said he is splitting ep 1 into two parts

          • (Another Patron here)
            I’m pretty sure it’s only supposed to be one Episode. At first Animo said this should only be one video (15 ~ 20 minutes) but recently because it’s probably going to be 30-40 minutes overall he decided to split into 2 parts. I haven’t seen any announcement about more Episodes.

            • I believe he said he suggested he has more episodes planned based on what he has been tellling us. Remember, he said he is saving the gunshot for much later

    • Let me wrap this up:
      There gonna be multiple episodes (not sure how many). Episode 1 is gonna be split into 2 parts. And Episode 1 Part 1 is already rendering. Right?

  2. I hope he had found some good girls for the synchronisation A good moaning makes the film even better.

    Good Work, Animo

  3. Suggestion for ending with all way through (awt): in stead of going awt just like that in some episode, combine awt with a game for more impact, for example kidnap also a family-member of Quiet like father or mother and let him/her play a short computer-game; when he/she looses Quiet will be spitted awt by the horse.

    • Awt is TOO unrealistic, he did awt in just one SPECIAL episode, because some patreons asked for it, but he’s not gonna do it for a “normal” episode.

    • Думаю что нескоро.Автор большой любитель затягивать с материалом как можно дольше.(к сожалению)

      • Тут ты прав. Прошлую часть с Ларой затянули донельзя сильно. Но проект с ней годно подучился. На патреоне ходят мысли что примерная дата выхода полной версии видео выйдет через пару лет точно. И видео будет около часа идти. Не знаю стоит ли оно того. В такие моменты задумываешься : жаль что нет машины времени, перемотал и увидел полное видео(

    • Even if you have missed out on all other previous post, and the plot of this animation, how does your question even make sense?

  4. the horse s front legs are far too high up, his spine has broken to a right angle.
    Also what is the resistance all about when he thrusts? pelvis widening?

    • From what he has shown, none of that happens.

      She jerks the horse, Brutus, off sometimes. That’s all we have seen

  5. What about a 3D-180° version of the clip? In order to watch it with VR glasses (Oculus, Gearvr, etc).
    That would be a premiere in animated pr0n (with a horse^^).

    • Yes man, Exactly!!
      I wish all we have seen is Quiet limit, and then only interrogator can handle entire this giant cock inside herself. Because horsefuck with her lovely stallion is average for her, she likes how her body filling up by this enormous cock. But for Quiet it’s a first time. It’s have to be her maximum. She can even die after this. But for interrogator’s organism even harder and deeper fuck is normal

    • I was good with the horse raping Lara in the previeous episodes… i want the horse to rape alone the girl, i don’t like the fact that here the horse seems almost forced by the interrogator to fuck Quiet…

  6. also the interrogator will fuck with horse? We will see the horse fuck her harder and deeper than Quiet? We will see her face?

  7. All publications are released every three days for example the last one was released on 07/07/2017 the next one was published on 07/10/2017 the following day 07/13/2017 this should be published on 07/16/2017 Today is already 07/18/2017 why so much delay?

  8. I stayed away for about 2.5 months and not much has changed. I’ll check back in January. This is just too slow.

  9. If Animo will faster he’ll get less money. That’s simple business. Nothing u can do about I guess. Just wait) great work BTW. Best I’ve ever seen!

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