New GIF from BTQ

Ok, here’s a new GIF from BTQ.
There’s no face emotions on this preview.
So i’m working with the last sex-scene for the Part 1 – it’s only ending left.
Today i will post a topic for supporters, where they can suggest ideas for the ending

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  1. I’m really liking the animation, but what I find slightly distracting here is that her head/face reacts when it’s straining, but not on penetration.

  2. I’m not sure how many Episodes you are making with this, but could one ending have the horse’s cock skewing through the slave (in the pussy/ass, out of her mouth) and into the pussy (or ass) of the dom, cumming into her? I think that would look absolutely amazing.

    • Either that, or, seeing that the horse’s cock is basically as thick as the humans’ heads, the dom could lube up the slave’s head, and insert it into her own pussy (or ass), so the horse would have one, extra long body to fuck until coming. The slave could suffocate and pass out part way through, so she is just a limp piece of meat being fucked continuously.

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