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  1. Updates aren’t frequent enough, took you 5 days to post this one pic that was probably done weeks ago? what happened to the pussy x-ray pics you said were coming soon like a month ago? We should have a new post at LEAST every 2-3 days

      • I’m 50-50 on this one. He’s not forced to post something every 2-3 days, obviously. But I’m sure that he would have even more patrons if he would be more active with the posts. Everybody likes frequent updates on the projects.

      • Because he said he would? Like duh if you don’t plan on posting something don’t tease it and then wonder why people expect it

    • You do realize there are updates on Patreon for people who pay money, not for self-entitled brats complaining about stuff they get for free, paid for by other people.

    • Not much to post at the moment… i want to post something new, and sometimes it’s impossible to make “new” things each 2-3 days. But – i still posting new previews for patrons each 2 day.

      • Good afternoon! I would like to offer you a new script the next movie! I propose to make a new movie where Lara with two horses, especially as it is already one tried in different positions, and it will be a logical continuation of the series! Good luck!! Valery!

    • This is the free preview of a pay-to-produce product. If you throw your money in then you are entitled to regular previews – as is delivered on patreon. If you don’t pay, then you’re entitled to go fuck yourself.

    • While I believe that 3d animation is the right medium to convey fantasy porn, let’s leave the hyper extreme penetrations for another series. I was curious about the all-the-way-through scene but based on the previews I find myself discouraged to rub my pussy to something that looks so silly. Also, I believe two horses pounding Lara from behind, and still make it somewhat realistic-looking would be too complex to animate.

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