My new blog!

Well, after my second blog on tumblr was banned again, i decide to host my own new blog on payed hosting. Too bad, that them tumblr admins can’t even differ some real stuff, and non-real 3d animations.

So, this is my new place. Be sure to add this site to faw, if you are my supporter or just like my works. It will take some time for me, to learn about this “wordpress” website and how to manage it.

I will change some appearance here, but you can be sure to enter this site safe – i will never add here some stupid banners with trojans or something else – thanks to my supporters on patreon. I’ve got enough money to pay for this hosting and domain.


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  1. Hey i’ve been following your stuff for a while(def thinking about about becoming a patreon) and i wanted to say that love your work! Thank you for making these amazing animations. Sucks about the tumblr thing glad you have this site now though

    • Thanks
      Yeah, looks like it’s problem about Yahoo politics. They have bought TUMBLR service, and now they have they hands on porn stuff on it. I remember some old post, about new TUMBLR politics, which isn’t allow NSFW content. So, i guess, this is the end for all +18 artists on TUMBLR…

    • Thanks, actually i’ve got some questions:

      1) How to enable avatars? It’s seems that is not available right now. Do i need to install some plugin?
      2) Can i allow anonym users (without any registration) to post comments here? Or this will provoke spamming?
      3) Is this some plugin, to play videos (MP4 , and FLV if possible) directly from my hosting? I’ve search for some, but they are not so good.

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