More info about the next animation

Okay, here’s a more detailed info about the next project with Quiet

It’s gonna be an “interrogation” scene, with 3 characters: Female interrogator (our POV for the whole movie – it’s gonna be similiar to “Ellie in chains”, in terms of camera-view), her Horse, and Quiet (bounded).
There’s gonna be a lot of rought action here, including some big toys and different fetishes (lesbian as well).

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  1. I have to agree with a lot of the others. Lesbian stuff and other fetishes can be found easily anywhere. I want to see Animo put his talents to work on something unique we can’t already find a million times over (albeit some sort of huge interrogation toy could be interesting). Also I am in favor of bigger breasts, Lara’s breasts were barely large enough to hold my interest

    • totally agree, well i wish it was Chunli and horse instead of Quite but its personal taste, and i wish to see most of time putted on some hard bestiality instead of lesbian and toys

  2. Sounds Amazing get’s me excited just thinking about it. Few questions will the horse model be similar to the horse in Metal Gear Solid V? If so don’t forget the mane.

  3. please don’t make this another 6 months project, it’s better for you to make as many videos as possible, reduce quality a little bit and increase quantity I thinks that’s what we all want

  4. Still would love to see one girl get fucked while the other rims the horse and plays with his balls. Or making out with the horse.

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