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It’s finally here! 6 months of work, and the longest animation i’ve done!
Huge thanks to my patrons! I’am still working cause of their support, thanks again.

It was a lot of problems, while i was making this animation – only a rendering schedule takes about 1 month. 25,000 frames overall, tons of additional layers, blends and all of these…

I’ve agreed, 6 months of development is just too long, so on the next projects, i will try to limit myself with a 3-4 months on the next release. Anyway, you can take this release, as a 2 EP’s mixed together

Happy New Year everyone! Have a good time, enjoy

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,4 GB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (944MB) download .Torrent file (user suggested)

720p, stereo (944MB) download from MEGA

720p, stereo (944MB) download from FileDropper

Watch on ShadBase.com (user suggested)

Watch on NaughtyMachinima.com (low quality)

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