LWH 2 Episode 2 RELEASE!

Here it is – the FINAL (i’ve fixed some things on the ending, so you can re-download) version of LWH2 Episode 2!

It was the hardest and longest project i’ve ever made – i’ve changed a lot of things while working on it. Anyway – it turns out very good, i hope you will also like it

Huge thanks to all my supporters – i will never do any kind of that project, without their support!

As always – all my videos are completely free – you can also reupload them on some adult website, if you want it.

But, if you really like it, you can support me via patreon – then you will recieve a special, watermark free, 1920*1080 (5 channels audio) version of ALL my latest releases. I’m paying some big money for this software i use, so it’s a big help for me. Also, you can vote for the next animation ideas and many other stuff.


Download FULLHD (1080p, 5.1 sound – 668MB) – supporters only

Watch on NaughtyMachinima.com (low quality)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) Torrent (pls don’t quit right after you will download it)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from Google Drive

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from MEGA (ALT)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from FileDropper

Also, if you are my patron – don’t forget to post your ideas about the next episode 3, which is gonna be full of anal action

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48 Responses

  1. I can download it on Google drive like he did with the other videos but idk what’s up hopefully I mean hopefully I can watch it tomorrow I waited all day for disappointment

  2. You won’t be able to download the video in iexplorer, have to either download it in firefox or google chrome.

  3. It was great, but as always It ended too damn fast. The horse position and movement looked a bit awkward, but it would probably be harder to animate him in more natural position.

  4. That was amazing! Great work animo my fav part was the horse drilling her from the back in the beginning!

  5. Brilliant work my friend!

    Things I did like was like when the horse was laying down on her and she was unable to move and kinda just was forced to get fucked by him.

    On the other hand. In EP1 the horse suddenly goes a bit too rough and Lara holds him back with her feet. Even though she wants to get fucked she doesn’t want it too rough, loved that. But I did feel like I missed that a bit in EP2. Would have loved to see that she would give it another shot and getting fucked but since she is already a bit worn out from pushing him back. This time she can’t hold him back and her feet actually slip away and thats when he gets fully inside.

    Just how I would have loved to see the plot go. But eitherway, still a great job!

  6. Worth the wait. Though beginning seemed like longer than it should be imo. Looking forward what you’ll bring us in the future.

  7. And it is amazing. But is it just me or are her arms… weird, somehow? I think it’s the elbows, too rounded. Just look at 7:08, that just ain’t right. Really loved it otherwise.

  8. Would it be okay if I made a torrent and sent it your way on your Gmail, so that you could post it on your site?

  9. Does anybody have a mp4 download link so I can save it to my tablet because Google drive won’t let me download it

  10. I really wish I could see the comments on the idea patreon post, don’t even want to reply to it. I just want to see the discussion and the crazy ideas people have. Alas, I cannot!

  11. Best can be in the video you’ve ever seen!!
    In particular it was good per 6:13!! thank you.

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