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Ok, so here’s a first 3d Unity-loop here

“Menu” allows you to control some things, such as animation speed, sun height, and camera settings.

All physics is working in real time, so you can play around with “animation speed” slider, to check it out. Or press “jiggle scene” button, to refresh all physic objects.

Have fun
If you like it – support this project, so we can make couple of more Unity loops.

Download a VR version (only for supporters)

Download for WINDOWS: Mega, Google drive
Download for Windows (32-bit):
Google drive

Download for OS X (test): Google drive

Download for Linux: Google drive

PASSWORD: animopron


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  1. thank you as always. ignore the negative comment. their parent must be uneducated. because they couldn’t even teach their kid. take the good advices. leave the negative.

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    • Lol!!!!Some of these comments are too hilarious!I hope you’re saying this for a joke because if not than I feel horrible for laughing so hard.

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  3. Alright I guess.

    I personally just dont care at all about interactive animations… Probably because I need a PC to “watch” them. Videos are nicer. Hope you dont completely go over to unity animations…

  4. Sorry guys,there’s been a slight delay until October 9,2025.I truly apologize and I don’t want to seem as if i’m milking my mindless sheeple,I mean patreon supporters but keep sending that cash,baby!

    • 32-Bit version; can only see water, get rotating camera and menu, but no animation. Any idea what the issue is?

  5. wondering how easy it is to also port to work with ios since its done for osx, no idea what app would be needed or what

    • also in this case, the loop itself has a pull out would be awesome if could switch from pumping to creampie when desired. I figure that wont be until more loops are added

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      2) The diaphragm is way higher than your belly button
      3) Diaphragm rupture, even though it’s serious, needs a surgery, but is rarely lethal

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