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225 Responses

    RUN IT

  2. I would like to see more of “elli in chains”

    but dont care, you make a good job. important are that the new film is with lots of anal

  3. Would you consider rerendering your movies in spherical format? For 180 (or 360) degree videos viewable on VR HMDs, with stereoscopic 3d. Would be amazing too see Lara get horse cocked right in front of you.

  4. I really enjoyed the bit where the horse cock pops out her mouth. I think it would be hot if it went in reverse in stead of going up her ass and piping out her mouth have in go in her mouth and pop out her ass

  5. I would love to see slower, agonizing, penetration where the horse just holds his cock buried, making her deal with a belly full of hard, horse penis.

      • There are also bottles everywhere, she could use one, first the narrow end, then the wide end. Getting angry that Quiet still won’t talk the interrogator breaks one bottle and…just before burying the razor sharp thing into her, she hears a horse from outside and gets a better idea instead.

        Int. brings the horse in, then after some careful setting up, using both hands to steer the limp dick, makes the horse do a step forward, penetrating Q and staying there.
        Next thing: waterboarding. But as the int. starts spilling some water, the horse remembers how much did he drink today. Needing a relief, he casually starts unloading the liquids, pumping Q’s insides to the limit. Her twitching body and screams makes him want to feel more of that warmness inside, so he starts some hard pounding. Too hard actually, as it pushes Q from whatever position she was in, and she falls to the ground.
        Landing on that full belly makes up for some more vocally and visually apparent discomfort. In the chaos of Int. trying to calm and lead the horse back, and Q rolling on her back and trying to crawl away, the horse manages to misstep on her swollen belly, inducing a stream of liquid and foam from her mouth.

        The stage is set for the next episode, even the interrogator herself is curious, now that she’s seen the dick hard, and horse willing to coop…well, copulate, what interesting uses it can have on that tight body at her mercy.

  6. lara with a horse gangbang, fucking throat an ass the same time, oder 2 fat long cocks in her little asshole, double anal. breakthrough is a great idee.
    hopefull nw

  7. How about DAP/ TAP or DVP/TVP or a combination thereof with horse cocks to really stretch her holes? Maybe afterwards, one of the horses can “headfuck” her.

  8. First i agree with comment of the boobs. I like little bit smaller too but round and silicone. Second for your film a few ideas. You must do harder deepthroat with choke saliva and puke a lot. And she must wears a ring gag or a spider gag. It will be awsome. Second she must wears some extreme high heels with high platform but the best will be ballet heels. Third at start she must have inside of ass huge anal plug. Thanks and your work are best.

    • vomiting are great, and TAP three horsecock in her little ass _)
      an the modell musst lock like marie rose or another sweet hentai girl

    • Finally, I found somebody, who also got a fetish for high heels. In my opinion, the high heels should be platform style, not ballet heels…

    • Love to see her making gagging/puking sounds when she’s getting throatfucked. Having her vomit all over the huge cock would be fantastic!

  9. fkn love your work, i really like any parts where she is struggling to fight him off, like sucking his cock and it suddenyl grows and fucks her face, or her ass, more of that plz!, maybe a follow up where he finds her in the barn so corners her and rips her clothes off to force fuck her, maybe with a friend

    • Yes iI love the scenes where the cock suddenly grows too. There should be some scenes where the nipples get perky.

  10. Great work. I think im in love with Quiet. Maybe a little mor cheekbones…
    Is the other Girl finished too? Maybe she could have the already multiple desired smaller enhanced boobs.

  11. About Quiet, I know you’re not done and that you’re still working on her, but her face seems too stale. Obviously, we haven’t seen the animations so that might change, but it’s something to stay on top of.


  13. Please please you must implement to your video extreme hard deepthroat to puke… lot of puke… and if she wear spider gag it will be awsome.

  14. Animopron, I’m one of the big fans of your works! Please include some all-the-way-through scenes in some of your upcoming videos, like in Lara with Horse: Bonus Episode (That gave me the chills). Thanks very much!

  15. Yes i agree brutal deepthroat with bdsm stuff and with lot of gagging and puking will be awsome. And with some heels and other good things for women.

  16. Здравствуйте, скажите пожалуйста вы не знаете куда пропала группа 3d animation 18+ из вконтакте

  17. I would like to see a high res close up of those pussies lips changing shape as they hug the contours of that giant veiny cock as it pulses with cum then painfully slowly pulls out and the flare struggles to pop out then does. Followed by an internal view of the horse sperm combining with their eggs. Then a 9 month later x-ray shot of them both obscenely pregnant with his foals.

      • I’ve seen plenty, on the silver screen so to speak. But this is meant to be porn, albeit of the bestiality sort, there really isn’t a need for beatings. So I will continue to hope for no beatings, until release.

        • I understand that some (hopefully most) people could be turned off by violence, but when it’s the part of the art to make it more believable, I wouldn’t blink an eye. The horse won’t hold back anyway. And afterall we had plenty of softcore material with Lara, now it’s time to get some of that rough content, like with Ellie.

          Obviously even with a bat you can get creative, not just senseless hitting. Heck, you can even use it as a threat instead, stop the hit an inch above her belly and instead get the surprise horse rip in in the moment when she’s all tightened up.

  18. You could do something with Lara and a mare (female horse), also you could do Lara with both a male and female horse.

  19. Hot damn! I’m excited, man! Can’t wait, but I’ve got to. I was wondering… How ’bout some short The Last of Us clips? You don’t really need to if you don’t want to… Just saying… Still, I love your Videos! ^-^

  20. Is this 3d animated horse porn stuff illegal to download in the UK? I don’t think it can be considered beastiality or illegal extreme porn can it?

  21. Hmmm first anal stuff looks so fun. I hope that she continous with training in brutal extreme deepthroat. Lots of puke and throat bulge.

  22. I just stumbled on your stuff, and it’s fucking epic. You’re definitely making the highest quality stuff right now. Keep it up!

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