ALL content of this website is made with 3d programs and it’s purely fictional. None of real persons (or monsters) is related in this animations.

All fictional characters may seen in this animations is +18 y.o., even they are just a bunch of polygons and textures.

All software, that used to create this animations is licenced and geniune. All sounds are taken from “free-sound-library” websites.


All my animations (and pictures&gifs) is totaly free to use – you can upload them everywhere (on adult websites only) you want, without notifying me. But of course, you must” watermark on my content.

I’m not selling anything of my content, but you can donate me via patreon, and become my supporter&fan – then you will receive a lot of special stuff, including Full-HD versions of releasing animations. Also, you will see your (nick)name at the credits.


If you’ve got some questions\offers or something else – feel free to send me a message:

My contact email:
P.S. I’m not doing commissions.

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    • This son, is a man who is pissed off at a man for giving him free stuff. Like alot of people in this fucked up world, instead of being thankful he demands more, and hopes that for all the hard work put in doest get recignized, because he asked for donations.

      Please dude. This guy clearly doesn’t care about the money. He’s giving you all thi for free adn you still think you have the right ot be a fucking cunt? Just for that i think he should make all his content pay-to-view. Because thats how good the quality is. Not stop being a jackass and try doing something like this with your life, then we can call you a cunt for demanding recognition.

      • I’m not demanding for more stuff , juste more communication , i work on internet too ( free stuff etc… ) and even if you make free contents if you don’t give news about what you’re doing & what public need , you don’t deserve what people give to you ( yes free mean not money ) so be grateful about your community , and community still be with you .

        • He just gives news each week. I don t know how he could give more news. It would be stupid to post something each time he clicks on his computer. He shares something when he has made some progress. More news would be a loss of time. People these days always complaining with free stuff seriously…

  1. Thank you animopron to respond only when it speaks about money , you so kind.
    Hope to understand how you think earn money without your community .

    • I would +1 that. Big beefy dogs – with knots that stay put in both holes. Maybe a tag team dog gang bang followed by epic gusher… Doesn’t have to be as extreme physically although that is fun you can have with animation – I understand. But you can also have fun with the perfect canine lovers that match the best we see IRL only very occasionally – except Great Danes who get it all in. Hey, and you could make it dirty too, okay just a bit

      • I could not agree more, but I want it to be VERY extreme, physically! Since this is all pure fiction, why not go wild? With these renders anything can be possible. A dog gangbang idea sounds pretty hot. Great Danes and Mastiffs would be the best for this.

  2. i’d love to see one of your animations, when a girl gets knotted by a dog and when the knot gets pulled out cum squirts everywhere, if you wanted to go “BIG” use the Cerberus, the three headed dog… Maybe it’s got three cocks as well, always handy for making a girl airtight

  3. When’s Lara with horse 2 episode 4 is going to be out. And can you do dogs fucking Lara but preferably a different girl.

    • 20th of July, is the release date. Fucking read animos weekly comments, and what is it with dogs. We want supergirl or wonder woman, fails a fight scene with doomsday and gets owned by his cryptonite cock…..

  4. @animopron your work is amazing. Keep up the good work! And when I have the money I’ll start supporting you.

  5. hey, fellow animator here, i’ve noticed something in the image on the top of the page, her foot is pointed to the right and her knee is facing forward, that is not physically possible as it would break her leg. it happens a few times in your animation as well. other than that, it’s all good, i work as an animator for films and it’s the only thing that really bothers me, especially since the rest of your work has so much detail and work. cheers and good luck

    • Really…there are far more issues than that. Is that all you’ve picked up on….if you look at how the shoulders are sometimes positioned when lara is moving the horse, it’s far from perfect, but who’s complaining overall quality is still one of the best and can only get better. Can’t wait to see Animopron get to the same level of quality as Scourge of Evil, also a 3d fantasy. Best one I’ve seen. But Animo is by far better at fluid animation….keep it up Animo and thanks for your hard work…..

  6. Sorry, I dnot understand completely what you meant by 2 day job. Did you mean 2 more days, or 2 more days after “liquid simulation” was done?

  7. Oh my damn..
    Wait… I love your vids and i think in wat to obsessed.. Keep up the great vids. I’ll become a supporter one day

  8. Do this stuff maybe without animals in VR at roon scale in a kickstarter and you will make a lot of cash. I will support you.

  9. I have tried to become a patron but this is the only site I have ever encountered that did not accept my card. I will never trust PayPal again so there is no way for me to support you.

  10. I think you should add a vr camera to the lara unity game, so that anyone with a vive can walk around and look at the animation loop as if it was happening in front of them.

  11. I would love to see quiet getting fucked and knotted by that dog in the metal gear solid game, the one that has either a eye scar and an eyepatch. Basically something similar to what shadman already did, only 3d and animated.

  12. Hey Man, it’s a really good job, youre a fucking artist, i’m a fan from Brazil,
    maybe you can make interracial videos, hardcore like this huehuehue
    Sorry my poor english
    há braços

  13. Now, you should do a Shemale one, give Lara the Horses dick, and make her fuck another girl or a dude or the horse, that would be AMAZING!

  14. Your LWH EP4 is simply the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen anywhere. I found it two days ago, immediately signed up as a patron, and have been dissecting it frame by frame ever since. Your work is incredible. I thank you for your tremendous efforts. I would like to offer other ideas/impressions. Is this the best way to do this?

  15. Hi, congratulations on the success of your Patreon and on the quality of your work, you are seriously one of the top 3D animators on the internet right now. And considering the growth of your fanbase and the popularity of your work, i have a question – do you plan on ever doing futa? Or at least include futa as an option ina future poll and let the fans decide, because i believe a futa animation by you (with similar proportions as LWH4) would surpass anything created so far, even high quality ones like Girlfriends for Ever.

  16. really good quality
    your animations are very good, not like other cheap animations
    what program do you use man?
    I would like to see some workflow

  17. I know you’re not doing commissions, but just throwin’ an idea your way: Lara with a snake — preferably a lonnnnnnnng one

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