ALL content of this website is made with 3d programs and it’s purely fictional. None of real persons (or monsters) is related in this animations.

All fictional characters may seen in this animations is +18 y.o., even they are just a bunch of polygons and textures.

All software, that used to create this animations is licenced and geniune. All sounds are taken from “free-sound-library” websites.


All my animations (and pictures&gifs) is totaly free to use – you can upload them everywhere (on adult websites only) you want, without notifying me. But of course, you must” watermark on my content.

I’m not selling anything of my content, but you can donate me via patreon, and become my supporter&fan – then you will receive a lot of special stuff, including Full-HD versions of releasing animations. Also, you will see your (nick)name at the credits.


If you’ve got some questions\offers or something else – feel free to send me a message:

My contact email:
P.S. I’m not doing commissions.

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  1. I know I’m not in any position to make/give suggestions, but here are some of my recommended next video themes after the movie Breaking The Quiet (Because, of course, every video needs as many audience as it can get to be able to say “It was worth it”, right?)

    1. Make a better video of T’soni’s Five Nights of Fuck. (Many in Naughtymachinima found that work amazing) Of course, IF you decide to make it, then maybe at least give him credit that you got the ideas from him (T’soni)

    2. Ellie from The Last of Us.

    So, there, it’s ok if it’s “not gonna happen”. It was just recommendations… (‘-‘)> ( ._.) <('-')

  2. I like the idea of the log to support the horse.
    Maybe we could have a scene where the horse supports Quiet in the air as we had with Lara with the log.

  3. Also, do you live in China? Or Russia? I doubt Russia or maybe not, I don’t know. Then there are those little countries but they’re a really small part. Eh.

  4. Could do a double penetration with a horse in her ass and one in her mouth. With her belly having two buldges and an internal shot of the cocks touching then finally with force spreading her insides wider and sliding side by side all the way in balls deep.

  5. Q could catch some of the horse cum in a glass or jar as it spills out of Lara then force her to drink it later

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