Okay, few days ago i’ve start rendering EP3. I will probably post a couple more preview here soon, but the main job right now – is to prepare everything, and put it on render.
Of course it’s not a very fast process, so i will be posting updates on this.

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    • Hey Animo,

      btw.: [Chikiko] Juukan Kanojo Catalog (Bestiality Industry) has done a great doujin in the past. Especially the first chapter is awesome IMAO!! (great lore and funny…)
      Maybe you read it and know already about it!? If not you could search the web im sure there is a free version in “english” of the first chapter .P
      Anyway what im trying to say is that the theme is unqiue and I love the lore. So animating the story of it would be a genious project especially uncensored And im sure a lot people with that kind of fetish would pay to make something like that happen. at least I would!
      I'm no "patreon" yet so I'm in no postion to suggest something it just came to my mind last night.

      Well have a good one rendering hope you read that, or some1 who's close to you^^

      • This is an interesting question imho. I haven’t read that doujin yet so I can’t say anything about it but I’d like to know how Animo thinks about creating future projects that are based on doujins.
        I guess it’s a little unrealistic (for now) to create a video of a full doujin but what about certain scenes from doujins? Would you be willing to create a video based of such a scene or do you think this would cause copyright issues / do you prefer to create videos just based on your own imagination with some suggestions from fans?
        (When I’m talking about creating videos based on a doujin scene I’m not talking about using the original models as you are using game models)

  1. excellent work!!! that deeptrhoat could end with inflation at her stomach because semen ejaculation … that would be awesome….
    impatiently waiting for the final result

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