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  1. You

    Can not wait to know what is gonna be your next project….
    If you have time please make my day good and hint some info about it..
    Keep up the good work and well done mate.
    Best regards

  2. You are so good at what you do that you created a new category of porn. You have talent and the effort you put in your work is clearly visible. Good Job!

    Also, by the way, you talked about releasing a no-farts version of your updated sounds videos. I don’t know if someone already spoke up, but I want to tell you there will certainly be a lot of demand for that.


  3. Just got done watching the x-ray video and it is a technical marvel. The collisions, the friction, the fluid mechanics at the home stretch, it’s all incredibly impressive. You are a true master of your craft.
    However, I’m not a fan of the new audio, and no, I’m not talking about the fart-noises, although… I mean lots of the new moans and screams sound way too painfull for my taste (One sounds like it’s ripped strait from the new games.) and spoils the fun. Also, I hear what sounds like breathing pretty much through the whole thing. I don’i know, if that’s intencional, or not, but it’s odd. At first, I thought, it’s soppused to be the horse’s breathing, but it’s too slow, calm and human-like. Plus, you can hear it even when the camera pulles away. It’s like there is a cameraman and you a hearing his breathing.
    Now that this is done, you are going to take a break, right? The work-load on you must have been insane. And after that, the Quiet-project, yes?

    RUN IT

  5. Hello
    I’m very impressed by your work. All that I saw was tecnically good))
    Such knowledge of the anatomy are great! Did you learned by yourself all these things? I just want to know if you are not offered a job in any other genre or field of activity? You could create animations or short films in the field of medicine, if you are not engaged in it already. I also want to know your level of skills. I wish you success in your work.
    PS: I used google translate, there may be errors in the text.
    Best regards
    just Alex

  6. LOVE your work! You should figure out a way to post the videos themselves on your website. It would be really helpful! And again I LOVE your work.

  7. I thought episode 4 was combination of all episodes. Will there be a combination
    love ur work cant wait for the next project

  8. Hello
    first sorry for my bad english. i am from Germany. i love lara and his Horse. I hope you make more of this. I am you fan. thanks for all

  9. I really love Your work.
    In next project can you include som Fisting.
    Fisting as DP will also be great.
    DP a fucking is also on my which list.

  10. Wonderful stuff you are doing here, Thank you for sharing your talent, imagination and hard work. Even got the wife to let me fuck her while we watch…Awesome! Keep it cumming.

  11. The work you put into these amazing video’s is truly fantastic. Look forward to see what is going to happen in the Quiet project.

  12. I’d love to see part 1 to 3 the way like part 4 “x-ray bonus” is. Guess that would be as awesome as you are!

  13. Thank you for Lara’s episodes. I admire you for your work and your no-nonsense attitude as well as your consideration towards your supporters and non. Your knowledge of anatomy and anticipating our thoughts and desires is great. Like others on this forum I would like to see some deep ass fisting, x-ray if possible. However I think I would instantly love anything in the genre that you will create. I am sure you realized you have a large army of admirers you single handedly created


  14. Hi. There is an essential remark.
    Lara inside not empty! In the following work it is desirable to consider the rule of preservation of volumes at least in a cavity of a basin and intestines. I understand that it is difficult to reach a compromise in a throat zone. Over fluid liquid beautifully, but not naturally. Next Limit RealFlow will help.

  15. Your work is fantastic and unique!
    I`ll be happy if you’ll make next video with 2 horses gang-bang! :-)) X-rays! That`s difficult,maybe.
    Wanna see the smile and satisfaction on the faces of Lara and horses too…hear more differents groants of pleasure and (a little) pain…From all “actors”…
    Penis entering by mouse and coming out through anus…(X-Rays too)
    At the end,Lara getting pregnant as is the text of “Trista’s Extreme Adventure “.
    Can i put here the text?

  16. Personally, I LOVE the fact that Lara sounds like she is in pain! She should be, for chrissakes! She isn’t “making love” to the fucking horse! I would love to see more expressions of “fear” and discomfort. It just doesn’t do it for me to know that she’s getting off from the horse penis.

    But you sir are amazing. You are providing an incredible service that no one else comes CLOSE to! Please continue your excellent work!

  17. I feel like, I’m biteing the hand, that feeds me, since I really wanted an improved horse model, but what the hell is up with that horses front legs and chest? It looks like the crotch of a human with thick thighs! The back legs seem a lot better, so you made a huge step foward, but also, a huge step back. I’ll just link you to a refference image:
    I know this is realy dickish of me, but I’m honestly trying to help you. It wont help with animatiation, but you can clearly see where the joints are and how they work. You’re working really hard and you do everything you can to get better at your art, I can tell. That’s why I want you to do the best job you can, because I know, that you do too.

    P.S.: Please, don’t hate me!

    • Best model for the next session! But it will ask a lot of reprogramming, ! dont think Animopron is amused with this request, but after remoddeling Marie Rose cold not be that perfect and is Lara still the best.

  18. This is amazing! I hope you can do double penetration next time.. Two horses on Lara please I hope you will a good story for that

  19. YES, PLEASE make a version with Marie Rose!!!

    Marie Rose must laying spread-eagled under the horse. Her arms pinned down by the horse-legs.
    The horse must fucked her orally and gagging/choking/coughing noises should be heard.
    Tiny Marie laying wide-eyed under the horse, with TEARS RUNNING DOWN HER CHEEKS, trying hard to escape (BUCK AND REAR UP under the horse, wriggle around, struggle with her legs in the air)
    Then the horse rise up, stand on it‘s back legs, with Marie Rose upside down speared orally.
    The horse pressed little Marie against the wall and fucked her upside down in her throat.
    Then back on the table, fucking her throat with absolute no mercy!!! Marie was so turned on now (sprawling around, hugging to horse, fondle the nuts in front of her face), that after awhile she comes very hard (first her legs tremble, then her whole body, loud gurgling noises).
    During her orgasm she gets her throat filled with cum (rolling with her eyes, hugging the horse very hard while trembling). After the horse pulled out the cock, she adore the cock by liking and kissing it in a pleased manner!!!
    Maybe several horses fucked her throat successive, while Marie Rose received one orgasm after another!

  20. Do I see an option for Vr here!!?? I would love to see that. Have any supporters tried it out? I would love to hear a review about it

  21. Marie Rose!!!
    Good horse script.
    But don’t forget her pussy and ass!!
    She is tiny but can tale an rouge DP!!
    Hoping for an Marie Rose project some time!!

  22. I love the horse concept, everybody can see it is fantasy. Because the horsedick is realistic. However I would love to see mor human fantasy work, like Kinky Jo & Dirty Garden Girl, MARIE ROSE would be great!

    • Look, if you want to see those things, you already have them. This is a niche subject that NO ONE else is coming close to touching. Let’s please just allow this “master” to continue what he’s doing in this regard. It’s something not being filled anywhere else, to this level.

    • This is fantasy. You want reality? How about not watching goddamn cartoon porn of a horse fucking a woman already! Maybe stick to regular porn or something. Maybe. Fucking ridiculous comment!

  23. i hope that there are two horse this time. or that it has a much bigger dick then the one before.
    also love that balls deep blowjob continue with that.

  24. two Horsecocks just hard enough to get two in one. But when they are deep in, they grow up – rock hard. It’s a little painful, at the beginning…

  25. How about an x-ray of the penis as it’s ejaculating? Perhaps just briefly, here and there. Wouldn’t mind seeing the cum moving out through the penis and then into the girl? Also, please have some x-ray of the oral and vaginal insemination! You’re the absolutely best!

  26. RIP anatomy haha! BTW, your works are awesome (except physically impossible things xD). The animations are very good.

    May be should use new lara croft from Rise of the tomb raider as new model. she is way more beautiful than old lara croft

  27. I read that Quiet had to go through a treatment that made her have to breathe through her skin, will you use this fact on your next project for a special feature?

  28. Thanks a lot. These are the best porn movies I’ve ever seen. Especially “Ellie in chains” … I like her tears and her pain. The emotions are perfectly designed. You’re great artist.

  29. hi you are making very good videos but if you make this videos inside (room or something like that) can be real than this and i realy want to see PAZ porn from metal gear solid if you can make a video abaout paz and chico from metal gear solid can be great and you are good keep going like that

  30. hi you are making very good videos but if you make this videos inside (room or something like that) can be real than this and i realy want to see PAZ porn from metal gear solid if you can make a video abaout paz and chico from metal gear solid can be great and you are good keep going like that

  31. “Breaking the Quiet” is a fantastic title for your next work. I would love to see her struggle with this. Certainly more struggle than was in the last work (although it was sensational). With a title like that, I can only imagine that she’s going to be pushed to her limits!

  32. “Breaking the Quiet”…I know the main theme is going to be interrogation, but…it’s not gonna be torture-porn, is it? I mean, she won’t be in agony or anything like that, right? Right?!

    • Nah, interrogation is a very pleasurable experience, that’s the point…or is it?
      You’ve seen Ellie in chains, right?

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