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    • Have you thought bout using cartoon/movie characters? I think you could do something great with any of the following: Aladdin-Rajah and Jasmine; Scoody doo- scooby with Daphine, Velma, or both. Kung-fu Panda-Tigress, maybe with Viper. Hotel Transylvania-Mavis with?, grown-up Winnie with grown-up Dennis, Wanda with?

  1. Good afternoon! I would like to offer you a new script the next movie! I propose to make a new movie where Lara with two horses, especially as it is already one tried in different positions, and it will be a logical continuation of the series! Good luck!! Valery!

    • Oh yes, and perhaps have a choice between things that happen in the movie. Like for example… A horse is mouth fucking Lara and one narrative could be that she just gags on it, and the other that she vomits and then continues. One little more dirtier choice that the other. Also, could you consider having a different type of a girl in the movie? More voluptuous perhaps with bigger tits and arse?

  2. Perfect videos! i usually don´t watch porn videos more than once, but yours really deserve being watched over and over.
    Again, make her (or any other girl) drink all that cum from a pitcher!! It´ll just ROCK!!

  3. Guys Help me, Please.
    I downloaded “Lara with horse 1 on Unity 3d” on my PC windows 32-bit from this site.
    But when I played it, it only shows sky with clouds and watery surface. I can hear Lara’s sound but can’t see anything and can rotate camera.
    So what can I do to play it properly. HELP!

  4. What can I say? The Lara episodes are THE most cock-stiffening things that I have ever seen. You are to be congratulated on your ability, your taste and your hard work.

  5. Dear animopron,
    I made a pledge on December the 6th 2016 and payed via PayPal. At checkout, on entering my PayPal log on details and clicking on ‘continue’, the amount I agreed to pay was not displayed. In fact there was no confirmation page or any other page. Instead a message appeared stating thanks for my payment and it had been processed. I have contacted PayPal about this. They have stated the problem is with the seller and not them. They have cancelled my payment as I was unable to see how much I was paying. I am genuine. That is why I have spent the time telling you about this problem. I have now cancelled the pledge. I suggest this problem needs to be rectified as soon as possible for your sake.

    Yours faithfully,
    Ian Groves.

    • You should probably send a message to Patreon support.
      But, if you choose 8$ per month (for example) – you will pay exactly 8$, without any additional cents. Patreon now is a huge company, and they will not try to steal your money somehow

  6. How about another ATWT scene – this time with Lara being face-fucked so that the stallion’s cockhead comes out of her arse, pushing out a huge rectal prolapse as it emerges?

  7. The horse cums inside a huge bucket or pitcher from where she pours the content into an ordinary glass and drinks it all while masturbating and moaning with pleasure. Till the pitcher´s empty and her belly is full.

  8. Sweet 9 months pregnant Lara with a big baby belly and heavy breasts full of mother’s milk on her knees fucked carefully in the ass from behind by her faithful companion the stallion. Her huge belly swinging back and forth and her breasts spraying milk everywhere with each jerk of her lover the stallion.
    A dream would come true!
    Animo, thanks for your excellent work!

  9. Sorry but it seems I posted this comment in the incorrect area initially and couldn’t delete it. Nicely done work from a technical perspective. Interested to know how you accomplished such well done animation. Not sure what your budget was/is like but I hope you, like me, have a limited one. Did you per chance use one of the 2D anime products with bone tech using a 3D engine’s 2D .png/.jpg output, or was it all done inside a 3D engine? I would like to pick your brains if you are amenable as I am trying to do something along the lines of what you have accomplished for a story of mine (some static renders have been completed using Daz (my preferred camera app) & Poser but have found the Animate add on product line seriously wanting). I am tech savy, having designed and written software in C, C++, Java, etc. so I’m not afraid to jump in, learn a new language and code. A reasonable remuneration can be arranged. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  10. I checked your Patreon page and it states that you use Autodesk’s 3ds Max so that answers one thing that was on my mind. $1470 for a 1 year full blown subscription is a bit pricey for me but I’ll investigate further. Also looks like you are doing quite well on Patreon so congratulations are due. I know quite a few folks who are still struggling there.

  11. How do I view your content. I have already become a member of Patreon so I could watch your material. I have been trying to access your art work for the last 4 hours and feel only ripped off in the pocket!!!!!!!

    • If you’re a patron for 4 hours, there was hardly anything coming from your pocket so far.
      Anyway, might want to try something like “my released videos”.

  12. Tried becoming a Patreon to your site. But can’t log in or change any details as I can’t log in and unable to contact any support for that site.

  13. I don’t know if you have a next project planned, but I know you’d make many people very happy if you did a Daenerys and dragon (or 3) scene.

  14. Crazy fantasy stuff… I was going to say the only thing you need to do is make her belly fill up – but then you took care of that. Amazing animations of penetrations. But I will say the only thing that would look better if his emissions looked less like clay? Or maybe that is intentional? I know, fluids are hard – but you have the dynamics part down. Looks great. Just the color / translucence. Anyway, keep going – can’t imagine how good this stuff will be in a few years (and in 3D too).

    • Yes, it just does not look gooey enough. You should play around with translucence and consistency. Than it would be even more perfect

  15. I hope the next girl will actually taste, drink and ingest lots of cum like it´s the sweetest milk ever!! This would sure rock!!

  16. two horses,more facefuck,gagging on cocks,doble anal, at same one horse to facefuck her and second to fuck her ass,would be perfection!

  17. The best porn animation I’ve seen. Don’t try to satisfy everyone’s fantasy preference. Stick with your successful subject matter; a horse with a big dick dominating her willing ass. Maybe next time 2 horses, or even 2 dogs, taking turns in her ass and mouth. The girl is perfect but her tits a just a bit big for her body type. I’m not a big fan of the xray stuff either. When are you going to clue us in on your next project?

  18. Yo i think adverts started using your content for ads, a trafficfactory .biz ad has an ad by free3dadultgames of Lara getting fucked by a horse and its the xray version of yours

  19. What a great production you have made!
    Rather than creating “X-rays”, I wonder when you would be creating a new story for Lara? It is a really cool “motion picture” you have created with really super anal torment.

    I was thinking if you could maybe see yourself being inspired by the Sardex comics for a storyline? They too have a great anal focused obsession…

    Thank you for your work!

  20. hola solo tengo una palabra,espectacular lara y su caballo muy bueno y como ya lara sabe lo que es follar con un caballo debera buscar otras experiencias y para mi seria logico que se fuera para africa y pruebe a los elefantes no solo a su pene si no tambien a su trompa y despues pasar a la jirafa,cebra,rinoceronte y hipopatamo desearia mucho que lo pesaras y que te animes a hacer algo con esta ideal fantacia que tengo,gracias por todo ,chau

  21. Hi I like your released videos. If I can give you an idea for your new project… Can you make a woman “making love with dogs”. I think this would be amazing to see.

  22. Take your time, bro. I’m sure the result will be super worth it! I know how it feels to work on something you want the results to be as best as possible. Way to go!!

  23. People, stop suggesting ideas. Let’s enjoy his current work before we expect the next one. He’ll always do his best!!

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