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  1. Let the man work. He’s doing the best he can. C’mon!
    Doing animation must be one of the hardest works in the universe. Let’s not take such precious works of art for granted. Weren’t for him, we’d have nothing near as good as this.

    • I agree, creating 3D content can’t be easy and must be time consuming
      But I’m hesitant in becoming a patreon supporter if at least some of my desires aren’t met. The videos are too comical with deep throating a horse completely instead of just making it believable and sensual, full penetration instead of just hitting infront of the womb making the x-ray just frightening. I would also like some kissing and some love shown

  2. Any chance of a futa character in the future? Or at least a poll for patrons to decide if they want to see a futa scene or not?

  3. You’re a god send Animo,
    content like this is so hard to come by and you’re effortlessly leading the charge.

    Thank you for all you do, and keep it up!

  4. just to let you know this site is ripping off your work.
    found a link on xvideos for their site that has you lara with horse video in the background with a super imposed image hiding the slab shes on. its really badly photo shopped. i did save the image if you want to see if this link to it doesnt work
    just wanted you to know i hate seeing good work being ripped off so blatantly.

  5. Oh, also why is it that your videos aren’t allowed on Pornhub. It says “not allowed in this country.” Does it have to do with bestiality? Because it shouldn’t.

  6. I love your videos, they are amazing, so fucking hot. Have you ever want to make a futanari character? it would be awesome! When is going to be up de next video? I realy want to know. please, answer me, and sorry for my bad english. Im acctualy mexican

  7. Hmm…Are those some nice jiggly-wiggly titties I see?… In glorious 60 fps no-less? Your skills keep getting better and better, sir. Keep up the amazing quality!

  8. the 2nd girl helps to plug in the Semi-rigid horsecock. The horse fucks a while carefully and suddenly grows to the full size. Hope is cumming instntaly but the horse is beginning now fucking real hard. So hope get multiple orgasm and these go on a while after the horse his load hosed off into the hole. Her eyes twist to a squint. The horse pulls his cock out and Hope is completly disordered. Try to move and falls on her back. Tried to speak to the other girl but it only comes out incomprehensible crab.

  9. Do you do more hentai of another characters? maybe Mai Shiranui, Tifa Lockhart ?? they both bitches deserves to be fucked by a lot of dogs or horses hehe yeah, think ya’ buddy and your works are AWESOME !!!! do you add some piss or scat for your models ?? will be 200% more hottest than ever bro, at least only piss, if you want :p

  10. Hello, you did not plan to render a video for VR like gearvr. Perhaps this would be the first 3D animation project for vr

  11. You released your last video with and without fart noises. Can you release this one with and without pubic hair?

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