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  1. I’m sure you’re working quite hard, but if you could give us an estimate on possible release dates periodically, that would be awesome. I appreciate the great work that you do.

  2. I can see now, that you have way, WAY more ideas for Quiet, than just a horse. And I say “just a horse” , because after the’re done with the bat, the horse will bearly register.

  3. yall leave the man alone he’s the hardest working man in show business and a motha fuckin wizard to boot. you should just stand and cheer him on.

  4. Hey man your vids are the best! Can you make vids showing the flaccid to erect??? Also can you make flare changes sizes like it does in reality?

  5. Hopefully Quiet will be completely naked at some point, without the straps across her abdomen as seen in the previously uploaded clips. Otherwise, it could be difficult to see the belly bulge that you KNOW is coming.

  6. I’m happy to see that, unlike the Lara scenes, this appears to be non-consensual situation. Gonna be fantastic!

  7. Oh dear god. Baseball bat, and baseball. This is going to be damn awesome. Can’t wait till it’s all finished.

    • Quiet looks like a bimbo, but she doesn’t look like a dude. Don’t know where “the gay” is coming from here. Prefer Lara as well, but we got what we got.

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