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  1. Wow! That’s one floppy cock! Also, I hope, that is not the final texture, ’cause his balls look like Jupiter. I’m sure the end result will look great, it always looks great. Keep it up, but keep it together, dude!

  2. So approximately How long will the movie be, and will it be a multi part movie like Laura with horse?

  3. It’s been 6 months already and there is no horse fucking yet… the Avengers: Infinity War will be finished before this…

  4. I guess Animo only has time to produce one animation per year. I understand we are privileged to get great quality animated porn for free, but the waiting blindly is a bit too much. I think it is safe to check back here around the holidays. If he would only give us a rough estimate it would keep people interested. “Hey guys, I think it will be finished sometime between June 15 and July 15.” Very vague, but gives everyone exactly what they want to hear…. and a light at the end of the tunnel. not complaining. Its free and good quality stuff, but just saying..

    • True. I don’t even think the people who are donating $8/month are still feeling like the return on their investment is paying off. if he releases one full length animation per year and those patreon members are paying $96 per year @ $8/month, that seems like a pretty pricey video to wait so long to get. more info and communication would be great. general outline of release dates etc. its good that he offers up screenshots and small 2 second gifs every 4 days or so, but how about a new screenshot everyday? one gif per week? i would try my best to keep everyone interested and invested

  5. I´m not a donator (at least yet), but I think 100$ per year is not that much. Its not a plain vanilla production for a huge audience, like The Avengers. You´re part of a small elite group, who gets a very special, almost a custom production.

  6. i dont understand, why this movie is so difficult ans slowly to release. there 20000 patrons per 8 dollars per mounth, thats 160000 dollar per mounth. why can u work faster whit this lot of money

    • It looks like animopron got 2589 patrons so animopron earns atleast $20,700 per month… but you’re right. That’s a lot of money…

    • Interesting huh? a cool million dollars per flick sounds like a real cushy job. At that price you’d expect a far faster production. Maybe he’s spending most of his time vacationing or playing golf. lol. all of those patreon members are essentially investors. In the real world of business investors would demand better communication and much faster results. Or they would pull out and take their money with them. I would have invested the $8/month myself but then I saw how slow the process was coming along. All those people probably shake off the 8 bucks as minimal loss, but when you add it up, its almost like a ponzi scheme. one person gets rich while everyone else is waiting, twiddling their thumbs. but hey, koodus to Animo. Its all legal. why would he need to go work for a large company creating CGI work when he can convince people to “donate” to his cause? if each investor had a “claim” in the production, he would have struck out and failed long ago and would even have to pay the money back, plus interest and penalties. What would happen if these people decided to pull out at once? he’d cease production, close up shop and flee with the money. if you haven’t invested, then it is easy to say “leave him alone” “be patient” and call people names, etc. Plus, its free entertainment to watch. Eventually those donors are going to demand results faster. they will pull out and this one day will come to an end. that’s the beauty of doing business online, internationally. how do we know this production is being done by Animo? Who’s to say it wasn’t created much faster by a team of people? Release a little here and there. a few screen shots every 4 or 5 days. get more people to donate and after a year split up the 1 million+ dollars between several guys and spend the year on vacation. hey, i’m probably completely wrong, but it makes you think. Doesn’t it? Good luck waiting, guys. I’ll continue to stop by every month or so to chuckle at the people asking “When???” Animo is a genius alright, just not in the sense all of you are christening him. Cheers!

    • I don’t understand why building a house is so difficult and slow to release, if I pay my worker 10x more, he should work faster and build the entire house in 1 day, right?

  7. The thing about Animo is, that he is a perfectionist. Yes, he ugraded his rig, but he is using it to up the quality, not down the rendering time. It seems to me, that this video is 60 fps. It might even be 4K. Can you imagine how long it takes to render a 4K video at double the frame rate? It’s agonising! So, unless he buys a studio-grade graphics workstation, this video won’t be done anytime soon.
    But you know what? I’m fine with this. He’s not like most animators, who fart out some half-arsed SFM project eyery few days. It’t quality over quantity, which, in my mind, is the right way to do a job.
    Speaking of job, I’m positive, he has a “real” job too, because nobody, in their right mind would base their life on donations alone. So no matter, how much money he gets from patrons, no amount can by more hours in a day.

  8. So, since you done a Lara “all the way through” episode, will you consider doing one with Quiet (once you are done with the main project)? Maybe from the opposite side?

  9. “Allright , my dear Quiet, let’s do some math: this massive horse cock, plus your tight ass, equals you sceamin’ like a bitch!” Although, I don’t actually want her to scream. Well, not in pain, anyway

  10. No offense, and I really love your work. But PLEASE, can we have some horse action that ISN’T anal?!? I for one am really tired of/not into anal, and it seems that for months the only horse action has been anal anal anal. Meh. Thanks for your great work though.

  11. Absolutely love your stuff, any chance in the future for a knotted subject? Def throwing you some dosh when I can

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