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  1. I absolutely love all your gif previews and the teases up to the second part of episode 2!
    When I watched the release I came tenfold… but I miss how there was horse sounds and sorta grunts before plowing her on the first part.. It was such a huge turn on… Any chance when you piece all the parts together into a final verison you’ll add horse sounds and maybe tweaks?

  2. GIF three, please in future could you would fix the deformation Lara’s ass in penetrating the horse. Before the penis inserted, everything is ok. When it is fully inside, unnecessarily ass will collapse inward.

  3. Well done! I must say, these gifs were the best part of the whole episode. Lara’s stretched pussy taking in the entire length before she’s filled with gallons of cum was an epic turn on.

  4. Planning on uploading your videos to e621? Dont think ive seen any of them there, and more exposure is not bad when you have a patreon.

  5. The last “Lara with horse 2 episode 2” was a masterpiece… amazing reproduction of light, figures, shapes… and super amazing actions idea… the way the horse penetrate her roughly… the way she make suprise-pleasure and pain facial espression, the bulging of her belly… everything great!
    would be possible let lara unwear her boots..? So we can see her cute feet..?

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