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    • Hmm bacon, marshmallow and cloth, not exactly sure any of those descriptions are accurate and not professional and lazy seems a bit harsh, i would agree that there is something a little off with the internal cam shot gif, if i was to make a suggestion it would be that the Colon seems untroubled by the intrusion of the horse cock, it doesnt seem to be staining too much, i think it should be more springy and would have to stretch more when the horse thrusts in , as for the appearance, yes its not an accurate depiction of the colon, but the colon is pretty boring to look at so some artistic license is okay , it should be more moist, the colon produces alot of mucus.
      I think its really easy to criticize someones work without at least offering some ideas on what can be done to make it better, personally i think animo is doing a stellar job,

  1. Hot!

    Though I must agree that the texture could use a bit of love, even though bacon is love, but I mean a different kind of love.

  2. loving the series, generally agree the inside view could use something, though I’m not an expert enough to know what exactly… perhaps just turning down the lighting so it doesn’t look like there’s a movie set light shoved up inside her? just a thought

  3. Its seems hard to do an internal view, an opaque xray seems to caption the moment alot better. Although Lara definitely has a very clean asshole, does it taste like bacon Animo?

  4. Wow… My dream is see Lara getting rat invasion inside her asshole up the her mouth.. would be otragiously amazing admire that cute face suprise/pain expression (in a square corner), while the rats make their way up to her intestine… A great scenario could be that she get stocked with the ass up in the air, under a falling branch of a tree or under a column cause she wanted to reach something she lost or she was curious about…
    In another “stocked adventure” she could be raped in ass and face because she get stocked with the head inside a nest of a very horny animal or animals so her mouth could be totally raped while her arched ass up outside is used as a mating gym for passing animals… snakes, horses, dogs… pigs..
    Hope you like my ideas…

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