GIF preview from EP4

Check out this first GIF preview from EP4 here. Don’t forget, it’s in very “w.o.p.” state here, and the final version will be significantly better.
A new preview for patrons is here.

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Also, couple of information things: EP4 is gonna be the last episode of LWH2. There will be NOT any EP5, 6, … and so on. EP4 is gonna be about anal-action mostly, plus a few squirting scenes in it. There’s still time to suggest your ideas (positions) for this EP, if you’re my patron here. After LWH2 series will be finished, i will move onto another game-character.

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  1. Any ideas on what character you’d like to do next? Personally I’d love to see a nice dark-skin or alien girl or maybe animal girl to contrast with your regular white-girl Lara

    • Yes! I would like to see Harley Quinn Arkham City or Arkham Knight. Maybe Talia Al Ghul, Triss Merigold (sexy redhead in Witcher 2), Ciri (Witcher 3). Lastly the girl from Far Cry 3 Liza Snow.

  2. hi I love your work, I am a long sequence with lara anal in EP4, otherwise I will like anal video with “Quiet” in metal gear solid 5

    Thank you for your work, you are very talented, very good job.

    • Sorry to be a spoilsport but with Quiet nude it’s very similar to Lara. It might be best to get a completely new model.

  3. Hey Animo, will you work next with a big breasted char (like may shiranui) or you would not, since it may be hard to make it realistic bounce all the time?

  4. omg Animo… “EP4 is gonna be about anal-action mostly” its like you are reading my mind, also i had maybe not idea of mine, but repercussion of yours brilliant work. Remember Ep 3 10:42 when the horse put his legs on the platform and trying to thrust his dick into Lara (ofc you remember)? It would be nice to see that kind of thing again but maybe this time horse will get his chance to test hers limits
    ps. thank you very much for your hard work.

  5. I sense bondage with the a new sweet small frame character, but hey i aint psychic
    Just hope that after you put all you got into last Lara episode climax with the most expected and wanted theme, you will still get good ideas and technological improvements to keep it going on the next levels of quality and admiration.
    Supporting with all the positive influence.

  6. A good position, can be a dog. It could also be on his side, lying with horse lying at his side.
    I am a faithful follower of yours, if I may; would be good to think that in the future a thin blond woman, blue eyes, white skin, with good tail and breasts.
    If you like working loli gender or experience about 15 years, it would be great.
    Thank you very much for asking the opinion of others.

  7. Hey Animo, you could choose some characters and put them to a vote, I know that we who are not patrons, we have no power to decide which way your work will follow, but I think it would be interesting for you to hear our views. And again, thank you for the excellent work.

  8. Doesnt matter, which character it will be… but definitely it must be with horse. Some huge draft stallion with even bigger balls (multicolored… black/grey with pink… ). Lot of balls massage and playing with them… Oh God, I would kill for such video…

  9. Marie Rose definitely gets my vote for the next series

    But no matter what character its gonna be – I luv your creations! Keep up the good work.

  10. Anal, vaginal , oral Want a suggestion?
    A female urethral fucked with horse,Or maybe
    Nipple penetration and rebirth, Characters possibly:
    Midna and Yūki Riko, An invented by you Good job I really liked

  11. Hello Neo HZX Very good idea, I see you like hentai extreme
    I support the idea this neo, And it says a woman, In fact I would like vaginal sex with horse

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