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    • Why have a bigger dick honestly I wish it were a little smaller or a little less thick and girthy make it look more realistic.

    • nothing wrong. we don’t all like the same things. also, big tits + big ass is not necessarily an equivalent to fat. you seriously need to broaden your socializing spectrum with females. yes or no? what do you say, stupid?

      • Well I for one say that study after study has shown that adult males prefer women with average sized breasts and bodies – while only adolescents are obsessed with massive breasts to any significant degree. So if animo is aiming for the under 18 crowd he should make her tits massive as most of the no doubt under 18 people above ask for.

        Luckily patreons have a higher average age and will likely vote for more reasonable proportions.

    • Pregnant girls are sexy – thats why a girl with fat belly is sexy.. regardless if she is pregnant or not.

      Its simple psychology – jesus. I have never even studied ANYTHING about psychology and yet i know this stuff, even though im probably 5+ years younger than you.

    • Should the message be “Dear patrons, your money means nothing to me, so you don’t get any privileges over the thankless masses sucking up bandwidth?”

      That you feel entitled to have a say in an artist’s work without contributing anything yourself is another sign of how shitty the internet can be. You probably wouldn’t be saying that if these videos weren’t free to watch. People get so fucking entitled over things they are given for free.

      • Let me put it out right. More people engaged in something on a website = more traffic to a website, more traffic to a website – higher its positions in Google and other search engines on a specific keywords. Higher positions = more traffic growth per month. More traffic growth, more % of sponsors from it. Its quite generous from people to be here and be engaged in this content.
        If you cut down feebies from engagement like that, you loose almost instantly everything. Think of it like a TV Show, you get more people, your ADS are more expensive because thats how things work. Oh yeah, i didn’t get to ADS thing before, how much money you get here. Probably you could stick those “patrons” up some homeless person arse if you get things right in here.

        • Haha, christ you are delusional. It is generous of you to look at 3d porn and make demands of an artist? Okay buddy.

          We’re all here because we want to fap. That this artist is releasing his content to the world for free is a gift to us, not the other way around. Being able to influence what art he creates is an incentive to support the artist monetarily. I don’t see what’s so complicated to understand, this is not an uncommon model for an artist on the internet.

  1. Model looks nice, what it looks like in the end is kind of your choice anyway, proportion wise.
    My only concerns are, how will the body look when moving? your Lara model had some weird problems when flexing.
    And will you give those pantyhose a higher red texture? I love them but its still a problem.

  2. Good but for me is best Rise Lara. I hope that will be a short video project (as Ellie in chains) and then you return to legendary Lara Croft for her new sexual adventure

  3. can boobs much be some bigger (like expansion) in titfuck scene? like a pleasure to another lesbian actor?? why not?
    also wait for preview with model animation. i know, it needed an animation software to look by myself, but not on damn 15 years old computer.

  4. The model has well turned out, more breast at least at other girl please is possible, and the transik if has her there, thanks in advance))

  5. How difficult is it to take this model and implement it into lara w horse 2? Like remake it with Quiet.. I imagine fairly easy since its swapping out the two if the heights/dimensions are not dissimilar? (Or a modified Quiet model to match Lara more)…just a thought

  6. Jesus, all these big boobs request, can we just have her actual size? Idk if you people played MGSV but even though Quiet was basically a fanservice model, she doesn’t have ugly monster breasts.

    That’s like asking for a flat character to have impossible tits.

    • seriously? yeah, in the game her body looks like quiet shadow althrough, its only fanservise, not the perversion how it done. but sure, monster tits or breast like Lara’s (look like copy work – it will be wrong) gonna be mispleasurable there.

  7. Dear Animo,
    About the horse model, could you make him more “muscular”, like from the picture below?

    About Quiet herself, it would be great if you made her breasts a bit bigger, and more jiggly/bouncy than Lara’s (like DD size), as most of the comments advise. A bit more of a “bubble butt” would be amazing as well.
    About the scene: you made a view of the penetration in EP2 (missionary, view of her back, x-ray from the side of a table),
    Is it possible to make a view from the front? (X-ray through the horse)

  8. In regards to the interogation scene, try not to do the Studio FOW route where a 20 minute video consists of 15 minutes of talking and 5 minutes of looping animations

  9. Perhaps an idea for the big boobs requests: as a part of the interrogation Quiet gets suction-cups over her boobs with a long needle inside for the nipple, attached to a miking-machine.

  10. Animo – You can make her tits become larger, while the horse is cumming.

    So her tits would release a little bit of cum, so the other female character would drink/get breast fed/suck her tits.

    Just an idea that i got! (since so many ppl are asking for larger tits.)

    • I hate the idea that the horses cum would go to the tits… just make the interrogator put some magick stuff in her tits to make them expand

  11. A white worse would be nice. But i guess my opinion doesn’t count – so make a vote-poll for the horse. (just don’t make the horse look like a freaking cow again.)

  12. hey Animo, thanks for introducing quiet to animopron world. I am the first one in those who gave idea to take quiet as our next model. But what happened, you left D-Dog and took only D-horse again. Please make a DP with D-dog and D-horse, it would be awesome and definitely everyone likes it.

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