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  1. is that belly bump from that huge load of horse cum still left in her stomach from EP3?
    That much cum in her should take some time for her body to digest. I’m loving it! Thanks!

  2. Ich empfehle EP 1-3 Bild und Ton sind groß. Ich hatte ein paar Ideen, um EP 4. Ich habe bei allen drei Teilen sah, und ich war sehr zufrieden, aber es fehlte etwas bosenderes.Das Pferd nimmt die Büste verwöhnen mit Mund und Genitalbereich, so dass es zu einem kommt Position

  3. Are you only gonna be using Lara for your videos? I like Lara don’t get me wrong, but some diversity would be cool too.

    • He’s going to do something different for next animations, so, different girls too.
      TBH, I wouldn’t mind more EPs with Lara as a side project – just something short 1-2x per year…

  4. Am soon to start paying a monthly fee for this – just need to wait for a little indication on how hard and deep the anal would be in ep4 and I’m sold! (am wishing for; from behind, as well as a flip over sequence like Ellie in Chains) Keep up with the amazing work, AP.

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