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  1. I commend EP 1-3 Picture and sound are great. I had a few ideas to EP 4. I’ve looked at all three parts, and I was very pleased, but there was something missing bosenderes.Das horse takes the bust pamper with mouth and the genital area, so that it comes to a position ,

  2. so you agreed that 6 months is too long, but instead of hiring someone so you can do MORE work in LESS TIME, you decide to stay solo and make shorter videos ? pure greed right there. Y’all literal wankers bdlieve me now ?

    • 1 worker lays 500 bricks per day and earns 300 dollars.
      If you pay 2 workers 150 dollars each, how many bricks do you think they will lay that day?

    • Oh yeah, because it’s so easy to find talented people who are OK to work with this kind of content!

      -“Hey, do you know 3DSMax? I want to hire you to help me with a project.”
      -“Sure I do, what are you working with?”
      -“Horse Porn”
      -“Dude WTF!”

    • You do realise that there won’t be less content, right? Instead of making long videos, that are released far apart, Animo’s making shorter videos, that will be posted more frequent. It’s literally 1:1, content wise.

  3. Splendid it’s gonna be a blast! from what i’ve seen, i can flow with your idea trustfuly.
    I got EP6 idea already, but you possibly have it too

    • I meant EP5 yeah, or 4-2. And by the way, fuck harsh criticism, these are the best pieces of horse 3d porn art that are out there, and will be for a long long while. For me you are a real deal Santa adult Claus who knows exactly what i wished for
      On a second thought, got a clearer vision of EP6 now Best regards

  4. I have an idea,that the horse fucks she hard in the pussy and at the point, he take the cock too much out of her, he rams his cock in laras ass :3.

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