EP4 X-ray Releasing date

Ok, so release for supporters is gonna be tomorrow
Public release is gonna be around 2-3 January, here.


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    • Itz for free and he doing good work… whut are u thinking u are…. poor kid waiting for porn?… for 5 days was Christmas…did ur dad dont was presenting u a fuckdool? Da heeeeell! And why fuck all his supporter’s? They paying and Need to wait also… double-neak-break to his Patreon Creator. I hate to wait too, but i have other things to do… working, playing games or just snezzing onto the floor and get a slipp-neak-massageee!~ ww~ Hell NO!

    • If you don’t pay for it, you’re not entitled to anything. Paying customers always comes first, free users should be happy that they even get anything at all.

  1. damn it and here i was hoping i’d get it tomorrow XD oh well looks like the new year it is. thanks for the quality material animo have a happy new year

  2. lol oh it’ll be the 29th or the 30th. oop nope it’ll be the 2nd or 3rd. oop no it’ll be never because everyone that gives me money is a schmuck and paid for my vacation and early retirement. what a joke

    • Boo hoo hoo I have to wait more than 5 minutes for free porn!
      Grow the fuck up, animation takes time. He’s keeping his promise, he said either the 29th or 30th, and his patrons are getting it on the 30th. You’re not paying him shit so you have zero right to complain about waiting a few extra days. It’s real easy to tell who’s underage when they leave ignorant comments like yours.

    • Why there are still people like you here? After all the great work he already did, you still have the guts to say something like this? You’re not paying anything and you will have the same as the people who pay. Only 2 or 3 days after. Wow what a loss!!
      He isn’t a liar, he said the release would be on 29 or 30, and that’s what happening! The release will be on 30, of course as always FIRST the patreon, and after a few days everyone else. I don’t get how is this bothering you…

    • Never going to happen unfortunately. Animo doesn’t have the experience or skill in directing needed to get the right talent and the right performance out of her, so it’s better he sticks with the voice samples from games in the future. Safer for his wallet if nothing else – a lot of patrons left after the voice acting debacle.

    • That doesn’t make much sense
      It’s 50% less because people who pay get content sooner?
      Oh boy! Better cancel my pledge because people who aren’t paying don’t get to see things until 2-3 days after I do!

      Totally makes sense.

        • Porn is a product, someone work to produce it. You pay for a movie or a game, why don’t you want to pay for porn? What’s the difference? It’s just entertainment.
          The only reasons that Animo doesn’t make these clips only for patreons is that he “use” us as free advertising, we go around the internet and share and talk about his clips, and that’s how he gain more visibility, and consequently, more people to support him becoming patreon.
          Porn is just a business.

        • Patreon is supporting the artist so they can make more porn you entitled little shitstain.
          He works full time on these projects so this is basically his job now.
          As another said “porn is a product. It’s entertainment.”
          We all eventually get this for free, but those who support him and get to see it sooner and in better quality.
          Seems like a fair trade to me.

          Of course, what do I know. I’m actually not a patreon supporter. Just a passerby who continues to be astonished at the whininess of entitled pre-teens. This is how it’s always been. You clearly must be new here.

  3. Чувак понял как бабки стричь по пол года один ролик лепит, когда в начале за месяц делал.

    • Вангую, с начала 2017 года начнет работу над игрой, и ролик по мгс 5 мы увидим только к декабрю 2017

    • ну этот то хоть годноту делает,не то что конеголовые, которые окончательно в какой то трэш скатились

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