Here’s the list of all my animation releases:

Warning: all (except #5) videos with sound.

12) Lara with horse 2 EP 4 X-RAY bonus

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FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,6 GB) Version download (supporters only)

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Download (720p, stereo): Torrent (magnet)
Download (720p, stereo): Mega (no farts sound version here)
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive (no farts sound version here)
password: animopron


11) Lara with horse 2 “All-the-way-through” bonus

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FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (480 MB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (192MB) download from MEGA (password: animopron)
720p, stereo (192MB) download from GoogleDrive (password: animopron)
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10) Lara with horse 2 EP 4

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 FULLHD 1080p, no sound (960 MB) Version download (supporters only)

Download (720p, stereo): Mega (no farts sound version here)
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive (no farts sound version here)

(old sounds)
Download (720p, stereo) Torrent file
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password: animopron
*if not working, try: ANIMOPRON

9 ) Lara with horse 1 on Unity 3d

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Download a VR version (only for supporters)

Download for WINDOWS: Mega, Google drive
Download for Windows (32-bit):
Google drive

Download for OS X (test): Google drive

Download for Linux: Google drive

PASSWORD: animopron

8 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 3

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FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,4 GB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (944MB) download .Torrent file (user suggested)

720p, stereo (944MB) download from MEGA (password: animopron)

720p, stereo (944MB) download from FileDropper

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7 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 2

793 Responses

  1. PRETTY AWESOME! Would like to hear hear her yelling “No! Stop!” and squealing during those ultra deep penetrations! Also gasping in pain and for air

  2. Your Laura videos are the only Tomb Raider related porn I’ve ever watch. They are really well done. I really like how you portray her to want the horse dick. She seems so eager and curious. She seems so satisfied but I do wish we can see a glowing smile at the end of the movies. Also, have you come up with a story on why she’s interested in the horse? And if someone volunteer, are you willing to add in custom voice over for your ladies?

  3. Its Awesome videos specially the consent of Lara craft and horse, Ellie in chains concept is to good and it is requested that plz make some more videos of Ellie in chains with story mode?

  4. Must say that plug in ep 2 was amazing. Is that even possible.
    If anyone has a video of someone using one of those on real life could they link. Doubt it though

  5. So far, the previews of the new video using a POV aspect are losing me. I don’t know about other fans of you, but I prefer the standing back and watching aspect instead. That’s just the way I like my porn and that’s JMO. I think that many of your fans might agree with me. If the Lara series had been done in POV, many of us might not be here waiting for your new video. Also, JMO.

    • If I wasn’t on a limited income, and trying to save up for a clutch replacement, I would donate to you on Patreon. I’ll be there after I get my car fixed though.

    • Personally I really like the POV shots from Lara’s perspective and want to see more of that, but don’t like the guy POV as much

      In any case great work, Animopron

  6. hi bro or sis u r sorry i don’t know . don’t get me wrong but the way u moving,or at least da privew u showing us, i mean poor people like me, who can’t afford to pay for porn. now i’m kinda scare, can we have ur full vid by 2018 or even late.

  7. Waiting patiently, but with eager anticipation, for episode #1 of this series. Your improvements to the fine details, that make the situation come alive, like we are there watching in real life, is tantalizing.
    Your work is much better than real life, as it lasts more than 30-45 secs. The folks that have never seen vids of the real thing, don’t know that. Back in the day, Adilia was the “Queen”.

  8. yea, ur right dudes. but it’s totally insane posting every movement with photos. and remember dis free visitors make it 10 million or he would stay with few 100 or barely thousand visitor.

  9. Myself, with some of the ‘teaser’ pics, I’m wondering which direction the script of EP #1 is going. Will the horse be in it, or not? Also, I’m wondering if there will be multiple episodes, or just one big feature? We shall see.

  10. I love watching these videos, honestly I watch them over and over again and they never get old. With the incredible amount of detail you put into your work, it makes it way more enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure if you are finished with productions or not, but I was wondering if there could be a video of Lara having sex with two horses? I’m sure there would be a large viewer base for that video.

    • There is an anime video out there, by another artist, that has a buxom blond taking on three centaurs at the same time with a DP included. It’s towards the end of a long vid, or sometimes posted as a 12 min. vid by itself. If you can’t find it, you’re not looking hard enough. I won’t post links here, as I think by doing that would be bad manners.

        • It’s by an artist named Svarog. He did it under the title ‘Mistworld’. Older style animation that was ‘top notch’ in its day. More like a video game type of animation. Pretty good, but nowhere near Animopron’s skill level now. But it probably made the genre move onto the higher level.
          Animopron is now on-par with mainstream CGI production levels like “Jurassic Park” or “Avatar”. Quite impressive IMO.

          • Animopron is really, really good, probably best there is in this field…but certainly not on par with movie CGI, because in those you can’t even tell which ones are animals and which are real animatronic models.

  11. Great job! You are the best kinky, i’d love to see in next production feet of you Lara in some high heel sandal lace shoes like this__ All fetish high heel lovers will regards you.

  12. Hi Animo Pron. Here is MOD, main Moderator of Secret Island – Brazil. I received one of your vídeos (nr. 11) from a friend and was very impressed with the quality and imagination of your work. Congratulations. Hope you continue with your excelente work and will circulate it to our several readers of Secret Island. If possible, please keep me udated (via email) on your new vídeos. Best regards MOD Fant / Secret Island

  13. waiting of your new video….you are doing work very slow in 2017….i want to know that can you tell any date of new video launching…?
    when new video releasing…?

  14. you should try something with a futa or a guy giving themselves a blowjob. there arent too many of those animations out there. your videos are awesome. cant wait for btq to be done. want to see more horse penetrating the girls pussy. or xray in pussy, and the squirting pussy is sweet too.

        • If you find a site that has the original, it probably has the sequel too. You need to hone your ‘surfing’ skills, so onward little kidlet. I’m wondering how you found this site. Do you have to be told everything?

          • Well aren’t you a nice person?
            But whatever, I can’t find another 3D animation like G4E on Affect3D.
            You know why I found this site.

            End discussion, inb4 you start one, since you seem like that kind of person.

            • Sorry if I offended you. It’s just that I’m tired of some people, who have a computer sitting in front of them, wanting other folks to do the work for them. If you found Affect3D, the title of the sequel (made by them) is there.
              Actually, as I stated before, providing links to other sites here, is not appropriate. Disrespectful to Animo. And you judging me on one post is disrespectful too. I’ve given more info on other videos than is properly right, so violated my own ethics doing so. But that isn’t considered. Have a good day.

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