Bonus episode releasing date

“All the way through” bonus episode is gonna be released at this Sunday, 30.
It’s gonna be a patron release for first, and then – i will post it for everyone here on Nov, 1 (2 days later).

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  1. Nice. The date is known. Although I wanted to mention this a while ago, was to see her fingering the horse’s peehole. No idea if that’ll ever happen in the future, but it was something that I kinda wanted to see.

  2. By short episode you mean just a short episode? or the ep 4 x-ray version you’ve been working on?
    …But never mind animo pron never replys/comments here.

  3. Thanks for all the hard work Animo

    These vids are great – really give a fantastic animated dimention to the ‘sparrow’ type illustrations on hentai-foundry
    Exactly the type of stuff I like.

    Keep up the good work, regardless of what some people here say.

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