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  1. dear animo,
    i have stage 4 cancer and doctors have given me a few days to live.
    i would send blessings to you from heaven if you would be able to finish ep4 just in time for my one last wank before i kick the bucket.
    thank you.

  2. Someone please explain how her colon isn’t ripped to shreds from this. Is the collar made from squishy rubber? I initially assumed it was leather and steel.

  3. I think it would just broke from pleasure!But I am sad that we all who are going on this site waiting 4 the episode the anal adventures of our beloved Lara!Next time,dear author,when will upload new pictures or a new animation,please list for all of us approximate date of release of episode 4!We are ALL VERY tired of WAITING!!!

    • I’m pretty sure he has a plugin allowing him to hide comments with “release date”, “please next time do x or y” and all that. Also, if he were to say “release in November” 6 months before, there would surely be fewer patreons subscribing before November, unless you really have too much money and/or desperately want to see a few previews.
      It’s good for him to have that much money per month, but let’s say it, Patreon is a literal cancer.

  4. That was kinda…boring? I mean, it looks just like the initial insertion…
    I was hoping the horse won’t be so carefull by now and it gets rammed inside faster, either as a part of a deeper thrust, or when he changes the position to use more of his weight…
    Well, hope there will be similar resistance when pulling out…aaand then going in again…maybe he also switches the holes in the process

    • Then, there is not 50 ways to put a cock in a hole… So it’s normal that it looks like the initial insertion… x) Furthermore, I would point out to you that the horse’s dick is thrusted 2 times deeper in Lara’s ass, with a big cock-ring stretching it like mad ! … If it were done to you, I’m sure you’ll see a huge difference !

    • Oh and full pumping of the ass to the point of exhaustion without concern for the pussy sounds like a good finish to me ! 8-D

  5. So…
    There is this expression on her face, clearly indicates what Lara is feeling, right now.
    Pain. Or painful pleasure. Or might it be both? I do not know.
    I guess we will find out, if only there could be sound to this upcoming video, right after release of raw movie…
    Either way it will be amazing piece of animation, I’m sure of it.

  6. Have the horse keep fucking her after he cums in her ass and makes her belly bulge. Then he cums a second time and is still in her ass. Some of ther horse’s weight makes the belly slowly deflate and cum start slowly seeping out of her mouth and building up volume and even run out of her nose.

    Cum bubbles and saliva bubbles out of mouth and nostrils too.

  7. Dear Animo,
    Suggestion about the cumshot in this scene:
    What about making Lara “puke with semen”? It should be all white since she got a “strong doze of laxatives” previous episode, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. Do a interspecies between nala and a horse or use a zebra iv seen some online art of nala from lion king having sex with a horse and as far as I know nobody has made a 3d animation Of it yet so I think it would be awesome to do and see so I’m just throwing the idea of it out there and I can’t think of anyone else to do it but you animo you have done a vary good job on (Lara with horse episode 1-3 ) and I can’t wait to see episode 4 iv been following up on your updates on the new episode and I love it keep up the great work dude

  9. I’d actually prefer some faster stuff…
    Like faster reaction to gravity, her body smashing the stone when the horse thrusts hard.
    Faster movements of Lara when she’s trying to escape or panic. Not like when she’s drugged or like she’s moving underwater.
    And also faster extreme things
    – like when she gets entered with force, instead of slow care; slow is nice too, but we had not enough hard ones…like when she was checking that prolapse and the horse would suddenly thrust right into it
    – like when she gets a bulging thrust or cum filling so quickly that her belly is ripping; no need for gore, just research about stretch marks (striae)
    – like when her filled belly is quickly deflated by either horse lying or stomping on her, resulting in cum bursting out of all her holes

    • But slow thrusts does’nt necessarily means light and considerate. Quite the contrary, when the thrusts are rather slow but above all, loud and heavy, it gives the feelling of an extreme roughness, like if the flesh withstands. Animo manages it close to perfection.

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