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  1. JESUS CHRIST! Its so big, and its not even full hard! PLEASE ANIMO. PLEASE MAKE IT ROUGH. INCLUDE PAIN SCREAM AND PLEASURE COMBINED (but mostly pain)

    Because its huge but the right amount, is not ridiculous that is beyond fantasy big, its beyond reality. JUST!

  2. I wonder why you not use Lara again for this movie too. She is beautiful and perfectly designed.
    This quiet actress is SUCK…….SUCK………..SUCK……………….

  3. MAF and JAF. Meaty and Juicy “ass” fuck! Pun intended!
    Animo for the win! (/’-‘)/ \(‘-‘\) ( ._.) <- Me. Left out… JOKE!

  4. Amazing movement.. you such a master… would love to see lot of footfetish games, as footjob solejob, toejob.. and stallion prostate stimulation.. It would be amazing..

  5. Everything is so so good. Except the model. OMG she is one of the ugliest 3d models i’ve ever seen in 3d porn. Hideous. This could be the greatest porn of all time if you replaced this beast with Miro’s models. Sayako, Cerene, or Sophie would make this movie unbelievable.

    • The people voted Quiet. It is what it is. It’s not like Animo’s going to replace the model all of a sudden. Change her a little bit, maybe.

  6. You know what would be great? That tied up cunt cleaning the blood and scat off of that massive cock with a violent throat fuck. Mmmmm. People will say “you sick fuck, no one wants to see scat.” Don’t listen to these kids pron. They’re crying over an animated horse fucking an animated cunt because they can’t get laid in real life so they come here to beat off to your gifs until they can eventually find the Patreon version of the video you release on xvideo or pornhub. Me? I get laid daily.

    You know it to be true pron. You need that scat. You can only prolong these patreon subscribers for so long before someone, most likely Asian because blacks only steal shit, comes along and makes the sick and twisted video all of us “sick fucks” are yearning for.

    Horses, testicles, dogs… its been done pron. It’s time you step your game up and break out from the pack. Don’t just limit yourself. Have the cunt suffocate in horse shit or get trampled by the horse. Mmmm, yes. I can feel the sensation of men jacking off to this comment as they imagine this cunt being treated like she should truly be treated. It’d be even better if it were a black cunt because none of them should live.

    Just watch the ignorant comments that will reply to this message. Read between their words and feel the savage nature of how they treat what they don’t like or agree with like this were written by a Muslim. Then ask your self, who are you really pleasing. Yourself. You can lie to them, you can lie to your Patreons, but I know you and I know your video is already done. I know that you prolong the video by showing “rendered” gifs and images. And for those who don’t know, you don’t animate a video one frame at a time. As in, pron is not recreating the horse, or the tied up cunt frame by frame. You animate the models, the elements, the textures, then through out your sequences you move those previously mentioned things where they need to be. Have them do what they need to do. Mind you, those things are not fully rendered. They may even be wireframes during this process to save on hardware limitation and performance. Then, after working out kinks you have your texture mapping, lighting, sound, etc to create the images and gifs that you see before you. Which doesn’t take months on end to render mind you based on the powerful pc components that pron should have easily purchased with the ridiculous earnings from his last video. And based on the difference in quality from this video from the last that seems to be the case. And like I said before, I know pron.

    Now, back to you pron. I’m not asking you to release this video right now, or the new alternate video that you are currently working on, and I use the word working lightly because I can see here that your sequences are kind of out of order and you haven’t really touched it in a few days.

    Back to my point… your video. It’s cool but… there’s no scat. Now, I didn’t want to have to get it to find out for myself but, you wouldn’t respond to me here in this public forum, and why would I tell you who I really am when I see you in person. Neither of us need to know that we know we are “sick fucks”. You should stop what you’re doing and go back and add some scat. I’m not worried about the people who will rage comment because they will find this video uploaded all the way from animeidhentai to zzcartoon next week.

    Cheer Mate

    • For the last time. If you want scat, go take a shit and pick it up. Then rub it all over your face. After having a nice bath in your own shit, throw up and choke on it. Also wtf?! “Don’t listen to these kids”. If we don’t want to see actual S H I T in P O R N that we F A P to, we are kids? I know that I’m a sick fuck when I enjoy huge dicks destroying animated women, I still don’t fap to digested food.

      • ^ this 100%
        if you want the scat premium experience, just take your own smelly shit and gargle it in your mouth.

    • Dude, i’m gonna be respectful and won’t insult you, but you probably know that most people find scat disgusting and gross. You are in the wrong place to find your peculiar taste.
      This is the place for bestiality, giant dicks and extreme penetrations, that’s what we wanna see and fap to.
      Please, don’t be disrespectful, internet has infinite places to visit. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you want.

    • So getting laid daily. you mean by your 12 year old daughter?? Yeah, something tells me you’re just a douchebag who cannot find anyone to play with because they are normal and DO NOT LIKE SCAT! You’re a disgrace and should just eat your own shit. Strap a full diaper to your face and eat from it like a horse feed bag. and leave your 12 year old make-believe daughter alone. Enough with the shit eating. Probably can’t get a date because your mouth smells like your ass.

    • Idomy12yearolddaughterdaily quoted “blacks only steal shit”. Lol! wtf?? way to be not only a disturbed, mentally sick fuck, but also racist. Classic! So, you’re good with smeared shit on your face from a horse, but blacks and asians you have a problem with?? Another person not worthy of the oxygen they are taking from others. best part of you ran down your mother’s leg! you were a load that should have been swallowed. Please cut your wrists on a live stream for the world to watch. But only after you are choked with feces and blinded by urine in your eyes. That’s worth $8.

        • I love you Krf7w3rk. Its so good to know there is at least one smart person in the world. Look at how worked up they get. It’s so funny.

  7. I hope that when dick will be full hard, it will looks like dick in that photo) 😂 it would be amazing I think

  8. Indeed, the face and expressions of Quiet does not look very good, but that’s always a problem with a model. Perhaps a blindfold or mask is the solution to that problem.

  9. I think even fat and ugly chick will look great with this kind of work on the details. Good work Animo. Hopefully release will be quicker than i expect (years?)
    Don’t be affraid to leave some flaws dude, ur much ok right now.

    • It’s a torture to wait this long.
      But I think that the real torture is Quiet being left legs wide open for all those months XD

    • I’m assuming you’re a guy. Because even women don’t fantasize about sucking a horse cock. Animated or not. If you desire a huge horse cock in your throat, maybe you’d make some money in gay beastiality sex tapes. Go and get yourself a job working with horses and you can drink all the horse cum your stomach can handle. Film it with your iphone, and sell it for a few dollars in Mexico and just maybe an old friend of one of your parents’ will recognize you with that tube of meat making a mess of your throat and face. when your parents find out, imagine how proud they’ll be that they raised a horse sword-swallowing, emotional, basketcase. here’s a thought, they still sell wall calendars at most shopping malls, and i’m sure they have some with horses. Incognito porn just for you. You can spank it behind the safety net of harmless equestrian fondness. my niece is 7 and she has one too. I can see you graduating to unicorns real soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

      • LOL. Thanks for the daily dose of cynicism. High-fives all around to everyone on the parents of the members of this dysfunctional (and, like you, conflicted) community being all proud of their boys and girls fapping and splooshing to horse-porn. You get double points for hypocrisy. See you here on the comments section tomorrow.

        • I suppose you’re right. Its all a bit screwed up. Maybe there’s no distinction between what is disgusting and what is filthy. Lol. In the end, we all spank the monkey to some crazy shit. Kinda cathartic, these threads. At least you’re intelligent, and not always an ass, like me.

      • Thanks for judging me, even if I dont know me a bit. Far from the reality, man… only right point in your words is that Im guy, nothing else. But I hope that you are humiliated me give you some joy and pleasure. I’m not interested in humans, not very much… and not anymore, thanks to your type of people. So your message is like fart in the wind for me… One question for you, if I may… You know where you are? What site? If no… try to scroll down through the posts on main page. And if you want to know something about me, try to google zoophilia… I love animals, love them much more than people. Dont want to hurting them, dont eating them or anything else similar. And yes, I love them so much that I love to have s.. with them … but only if they want to, just for their pleasure… and little for mine. But if you want, let your only and right opinion about people like me… but leave it to yourself, for your and our good. Thanks.

  10. It’s obvious that the horsedick is not hard yet. And of course, when that dick is hard it will not last very long before it will get soft again. A solution could be a piercing of the horsedick, like a large prince albert with barbells, to keep the dick stimulated. One of the barbells could be a vibrating sound, deep in the urethra.


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