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Ok, here it is!
A lot of guys was asking for this – it’s a pretty popular “drawn/hentai” fetish, but for some reason – there’s almost none of this stuff made in 3d/animated. I like to make something “unusual” – so here it is

It’s a “quick” project, i made between working with X-Ray stuff, so it’s pretty simple, but – it has it’s own cumshot final scene.
Thanks to my supporters/fans – enjoy

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (480 MB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (192MB) download from MEGA (password: animopron)
720p, stereo (192MB) download from GoogleDrive (password: animopron)
Watch on Shadbase
Watch on NaughtyMachinima

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  1. Very good! Perfect work. Can’t wait for your next project! Only hope for the next project is that there will be more panic and a bit screaming when something that massive fucks you! Keep it up! From all the perverts salute!

    • I second that – as comments have shown time and time again there’s a lot of people that agree that there has to be a lot more intensity in the voice-acting.

      • Its like with AI, it can be human to some extent. What you are acting is a really detail work, and its not just voice, but whole “how would i feel in her place” thing that you have to pass on it… a true level of mastery.

        • The voice actress used in the last episode is allegedly quite used to large insertions – which unfortunately might work against her. But mainly the problem isn’t a lack of acting, but that animo has stated that he feels more extreme voice acting just gets boring for a longer video, or sounds fake, or whatever.

          That is a problem with directing. Animo is a great 3d creator, and does an okay job at setting up a scene, but Animo is not a director. This isn’t noticeable much in the videos since they are short, the action is pornographic, and people most likely just skip to their favourite parts a lot of the time… but in the voice acting it’s heavily noticed. There needs to be buildup, there needs to be a rhythm to it, there needs to be intense moments and moments of relaxation. There needs to be an inkling of occasional pain and discomfort, and there needs to be moments when pleasure overtakes her – something that’s visible to some degree already in the videos but was never evident at all in the voice acting.

          In short, it’s not the fault of the creator, or the voice actress – it’s the lack of a talented director.

          • Actually the last video’s voice problems were entirely my fault, not Animo’s or Sonya’s. I didn’t realize the laptop mic was selected instead of the professional mic during our recording session and sent Animo an entire batch of shitty sounding audio, most of which he couldn’t use. He had only 3 days to do the audio and didn’t have time to tell us it was fucked and and to re-record it. We have since sent him new recordings, but I’m not sure if he’s going to use them.

    • Have to agree it would be awesome if some kind fellow could upload it to the likes of pornhub etc and link it here

      My HDD is dead on my pc and PlayStation browser does not permit downloads, so no way to watch it for me

    • If you want to encourage animo to do a nipple fuck video, go to patreon and donate a large amount of money and then make your voice heard in the forums. Animo will keep doing what his best paying patrons like, and nipple fucks are something that only a tiny minority of people find appealing. That means you have to pay more than all his other fans combined to make it happen.

      Good luck with that.

  2. WOW!!! Great work! It would be nice to see a “reverse-all-the-way-through” penetration.
    But, great work all the way.

    • Yes. All kinds of yes. I know requesting more of your time for yet another bonus scene is probably bad, but this would fit so perfectly! She already took it deep enough in the end of EP 3 for something like that to happen (If you ignore the existence of organs, that is. But who cares about those anyway). So please, dear 3D lord above, at least consider this? \(*-*)/

  3. Also in my personal humble opinion. I think it would be better if you had included a few seconds more of faster in and out of mouth fucking

  4. I wasn’t sold on this from the previews, but aside from the usual complaint of ridiculously mild voice acting I was pleasantly surprised! Animo has a HUGE talent for this, and it shows time and time again.

    • If you consider that production time can be a month a minute – please, let us know how long you want everyone to wait for the next one. And note that this is just a bonus video, and every moment he works on this is time he doesn’t work on the next project.

      • Not true, he had most of this work already made and fixed them from previous videos.
        This way we have real quick masterpiece. How more efficient can you get?
        Most (all?) of his clients came to this site craving for hard horse anime porn.
        It can’t go any harder and better than this.
        The current audience applauds with love.

    • The people who paid don’t think so, obviously, and he has no reason to make things you like as long as you don’t pay.

  5. It has been years since i could be able to get an erection from your videos animo..

    Its just that you put the dick in the wrong hole, and also put it too deep, in which case i dont see how someone can have empathy for her.

    Your current videos look like the horse is killing lara with its penis..

    Do it normally dude. Try it out and you will see better feedbacks and more ppl.

    • Horse is killing lara ? there are alots of REAL horse-human porn out there and non of them are being able to go all the way through. so how about shut the fuck up and let the animopron guy do his job . we’re having fantasies up in here . if you don’t like it you are free to fucking go idiota . (animopron the best)

      • Not with the size of this horse, check out previous animations when he is “outside her” and compare lenghts of her body and his penis. This just got real now.
        Google and check out “mr. hands” to see how bad it can go

    • I’m pretty sure he will see less pay though – since the people who are looking for “normal” can already get their fill of actual real life women doing it. The people looking for more extreme things however are deprived, and so pay well.

      Remember, you get what you pay for.

  6. Ok, I need help and Google has failed – How the heck do I unpack the rar file?!
    I’ve tried about 5 different apps but they all fail. Where the hell do I put the password in – there’s no popups or password fields I can see…
    Google just goes into how to hack rar’s open without a password, but not what to do if you have the password, but happen to be a luddite.
    Any help is appreciaed…

    • Had the same issue, tried several rar openers until one worked. If you’re on windows, you can get it from the windows store – it’s called ‘7z zip rar’

      • Use winrar, it costs money, so pirate it. 7zip is free and not as good speed wise. Literally every good zip file will be zipped in winrar.

        • First off, winrar’s free trial never expires so there’s no need to pirate it.
          Second, winrar comes in second to 7zip on all tests relevant to an end user. Only release groups who want to shrink huge files down have any use of winrar, and even then the difference is minor enough to where using winrar is mostly a habitual preference by now.


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      I agree that people should get out and vote though, if they don’t then trolls like you might get to decide who wins.

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  8. This is a million times hotter and better than the entirety of episode 4. Fucking thankyou thankyou Animo for not using the shitty voice clips of the last video. The old voice clips are so so much better. What I would give for a redo of 4 without the bad voice clips, sigh.

  9. Thanks for this, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the x-ray version as well as your future projects. A bit early for suggestions, but would you consider including some elements from ep 3 in the Quiet animation? Throat-fucking in particular is something I would like to see make a return.

    Anyhow, thanks again.

  10. Too rich imagination of the Creator, is indeed a talent, but such a plot beyond the logical categories, Laura is not human, so that viewers have no desire Thanks for the Creator brought us visual feast

  11. Thank you Animo, you fulfiled my highest expectations
    This would happen in real life with stallion that big. The whole animation came to life for me.
    And its like 3&4 in one. Just EPIC!

  12. it was okay, but it really needs to be edited in to the longer videos to give it context, the horse just slips in and pops out of her mouth, its great animation work and an amazing concept, i would have liked to have some build up like the original scene where Lara slips the ring around the horses cock to prevent him going too deep, without that set up it doest really work as a bonus scene, that set up is suggesting Lara wants it but on her terms and then the horse sees he can go deeper which would lead into the bonus material better , plus i would have liked the ring to have appeared again, maybe forced out ahead of the horses cock before it popped out, also if i have to be critical, she was far too willing for this penetration, some of the hottest shots in the other videos are when shes helpless and at the mercy of the beast, hes not being cruel hes just doing natures work, i didnt get that sense of “oh fuck what have i done” from Lara.

    • Yeah, I would expect the insides put up way more resistance as he breaks his way through the various sections of her body other than her tight neck (great work there though), like entering the womb, the stomach…even if using his entire weight we should still see him slightly slow down it’s way in at certain barriers…and that would pin her down flat to the stone, but she still supports herself on her hands and legs…
      Also she wasn’t even struggling, just those pats in the beginning like “there, there, all is ok…”
      I would expect her hands to trace the way through from the outside to show how she feels it, reaching into her mouth with fingers not believing hat she founds there, then stretching her mouth with her fingers to help it pass…maybe trying to push the head back in after that, being lifted while holding on it, and getting it even deeper (so the head protrudes more out) when she loses the hold, having difficulty breathing when he stays in her neck…

      Well, but it’s still a really awesome and great work of art (especially that 2:41-2:46 part ), I hope this finally encourages more people to incorporate all the way through in their 3d animations.
      Also still hoping for vaginal and deepthroat clips (yeah I don't mind waiting a year for them).

      • 1. This is anal, so no womb in the way.
        2. This is fantasy, and animo isn’t into people getting hurt so there’s no “breaking through” going on here.
        3. People will incorporate what pays into their animations (or what they are into), and the majority of people don’t like all the way through stuff because it’s too unrealistic.
        4. I agree totally, this is fucking hot and I’d love more of it. But I’ll be far happier to see his next project get finished!

  13. Loved it. though one criticism I do have is that I wished there had been a bit more build-up to the initial all the way through, like the horse putting in some effort to get up her throat. Granted, at this point she had previously throated that same horsecock balls deep, so I’m not surprised it popped out so easilly.

  14. I’m half-expecting the next episode (if there is going to be one) to have the horse carrying Lara around like underslung luggage. Probably a good thing nobody can see what she’s doing, otherwise they might get it into their head to tie her to the horse and send it for a gallop.

    • There’s going to be an x-ray bonus as well, then he’ll move on to work on his new project. No more episodes of this in particular, although it’s possible there’ll be more horsing around in the future.

  15. Great work as always!!!! Lara still doesn’t look satisfied somehow despite the ultimate penetration… Her stretched out mouth was kinda weird, but it obviously wouldn’t have worked without her amazing rubber jaw.

  16. awsome! but why not get the horse petretated, too,? like, lara is fingering or fisting his urethra, or his asshole. she start licking his ass, then slips her hand in, soon her whole arm, then both arms, the smell and hornyness slowly makes her bring her head in, and maybe the rest of her body…

    to be simple, I’m into urethra insertion and unbirth/anal vore.
    pretty extreme fetishes, but since you’re doing all-the-way-through, I thought…

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