About the releasing date

Yesterday was finished a final fluid simulation – it takes almost 4 days (84 hours) to finish.  Right now i’m composing everything on the final scene, and then i will render the ending frames.

Also, while it was simulating, i’ve made some basic sound design.

So the release is gonna be soon, it’s mostly depends on rendering speed now.

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  1. Inb4 salt in the wounds for those expecting it today, he said the approximate day is today, not the exact, final confirmed one, research your words before getting your hopes (or boners) up.
    Approximate: [close to the actual, but not completely accurate or exact.]

  2. Thanks for the update. This extra time just means the animation will come out with the best results it could have.

    • he posted saying that the rendering on the creampie scene took 4 days instead of 1-2 days and that it used 100% of the CPU so no other work could be done on the movie at the same time. How’s that for knowing it wasn’t going to be released on time.

      • Anon you are an idiot. Clearly my statement is based on the original release date and not animoprons update about the delay. I knew it was not going to be done before said there will be another delay. Thanks for not proving a point.

        • LOL When I read your post about knowing it wouldn’t be released when it was originally stated I knew you made your prediction when animopron gave the estimated release date. Well said. I don’t know why people make stupid statements that don’t make sense so well said. Anon here is another possibility. It is possible that he didn’t read the update about the delay. People just want to sound smart online sometimes.

  3. I remember you saying this in a previous post “Okay, right now i’m waiting for the final fluid-simulation. Right after this, the whole project is gonna be finished.”

    But now the fluid simulation is finished and the whole project is not finished xD Even though I know how much work this is and I respect all your effort. Don’t say it’s gonna be finished after one thing when it’s not gonna be xD

  4. Animopron you’re a very talented animator. With that being said I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I have lost count of how many times you have delayed or made excuses of why the project has been delayed. I recall from some older posts that the day you started rendering EP2, 2 days later in the next post you said you rendered about 3 minutes. I know you are probably trying to make everything perfect but this was a real job you probably would have gotten fired already from all the delays false release dates lol. But anyway keep up the good work. I will check back next week. Hopefully the project will be ready

  5. Could the comment section for once be normal, please? No? Thank you anyways.

    Meanwhile, while the long-awaited project still has yet to be released y’all act like it’s the only relevant thing in terms 3D-Porn but what none of you knew is https://kat.cr/3d-hentai-eralin-meralin-uncensored-t10827584.html that the same team that made gf’s forever (affect 3d for the experts) also released a new project (though they did say they’d make a dlc thing for the first project, that I don’t have informations about)

    But can’t y’all just take a breath now, have this to bypass time and let animo polish up his work? Crazy amounts of times asking when he is done or why he isn’t done on date x won’t make his stuff render faster anyway.

    • He could stop saying that its almost done though, when it is not.
      A delay or two are one thing, but when every single post is “Lol im still not finished gotta wait some more” its just fishing for pageviews.
      On another note, Miro who makes G4E at effect3D is even worse. He delayed the DLC for two years now.

      But when Animo says “Its gonna be finished around this sunday” And its already two days later, he needs to rethink announcing his release dates.

    • Hey man did you just arrive here! He’s been postponing it for the longest. I don’t know how many times he has said it is almost done and not done. A while back he said he just have to finish the fluid simulation then it’s all done. A few days ago he said he finished the fluid simulation and now he has to work on something else. Not cool man. Also not building a good reputation right now.

    • No offense notmenotyou, but since when futanari garbage from affect 3D is/will be better than this?
      I never understood how an hetero male can like Futa, it´s really a mystery.

    • Rendering is not causing the delays. If you looked at previous posts he rendered 3 minutes of animation in 2 days so I think he has a pretty powerful machine. The delays are other things that come up. People just want to speak their mind and have every right to.

  6. “So the release is gonna be soon, it’s mostly depends on rendering speed now.”
    100 dollars on the next update being somewhere along the lines of “I’ve only got to do this and this, and THEN it’ll be finished. It might be finished next week.”

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait and all, but come on. At least be honest instead of giving us false promises (though you technically didn’t promise anything, but still). Like, “soon” as in today, or “soon” as in next week, which isn’t soon at all?

  7. Guys you are the worst

    Nothing produktive from you. Only demanding

    Whant want want
    Give give give

    Like little crybabys
    One Day he will say: thats it. No more Updates
    And it will be your fault

    Keep the good work! Take all the time you need.

    Its done when its done

    • No one here is crying dip shit. We are just asking not to be jerked around about the release date. Oh and nothing productive from us? How could we be productive we are not working on the project retard.

  8. Composing everything on the final scene? Work on some sound design? It’s all up to rendering speed now? I thought the project would be done after the fluid simulation is finished.

  9. June 12, 2015; “here you go – a final render, before a release!”

    June 16, 2015; “Okay, right now i’m waiting for the final fluid-simulation. Right after this, the whole project is gonna be finished.”

    Again, I’m sure it will be worth the wait, and I understand that these things takes a long time. But don’t lead us on by the nose and just be honest. Keep up the good work.

  10. Just posting to voice my support, AP. I feel you have been graciously upfront about all the details and work that is going into this project. Looking forward to the release whenever it’s ready.

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