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Okay, so pomf.se is dead – this site is shutted down permanentely. I’ve reupload\refresh some links on the 1 page of this website – so tell me if something still no available for you. Maybe i will refresh another pages too, but after release of EP2, when i will have some time.

About the release – i’m still working. It’s a very long animation (it’s almost the same lenght, as all of my previous animations composed together), so i want to make sure everything is looking good – i’ve rerendered some things today, that didn’t look the way i want them to be. Also, i’ve add some additional details, particles and stuff.

So as said – i will soon post some pre-release renders, and then it’s gonna be a release.

P.S. Also, you can check out almost all of my GIF’s there (can’t say about banners and other rubbish – i use adBlock there, so you better also have it installed in your browser, to avoid problems).

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5 Responses

  1. Good to hear you’re taking the time to get things just right. The details you put in set you’re animations apart. Getting hyped!

  2. Really good-looking so far! As “Bill” said, we’re getting real hyped!
    Do you think you’ll release EP 2 before the end of this week?

  3. Since you’re tweaking things, I’d like to mention that the breast movements seem a little extreme in the gifs you’ve posted so far (with the nipples going back and forth). I would suggest toning that down a bit, but that’s just my humble opinion and I appreciate your work either way. Cheers!

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