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  1. Just out of curiosity, what kind of effects are you adding with AE? Just basic color balance or there’s something more? :3

    Also, take your time Animo, and don’t mind the naysayers. Happy new year!

    • I would say he doesnt add much in After effects than color correction, saturation etc. Image effects stuff…..maybe intro/outro and text.
      But the most important thing is to bring all the rendered frames in .avi format.
      Because the best way to achieve the highest quality video is to first render from 3d program cinema4d/maya as “frames” , then compile it in aefx into “.avi” format and then put it in sony vegas or adobe premiere or other video editing software to change the format to “mp4” or “wmv” whatever you like.
      Avi format has the highest quality so it takes a lot of space, that´s why you change it in mp4 so you can upload it online . For example avi video would have 350gb and if you render it then i mp4 format it would have in between 100-500 mb and that´s a really big win.

      • So I was thinking about the numbers.
        The eps. 2 had like 600~ something mb in 1080p and its around 9 mins.
        With that eps. 3 now, its about 17 mins, So probably 1,2~ gb.
        So he has to AE a avi video file around 300-400 gb or more ? How long will that take and after that upload which highly depends on your upload rate ( I know what wonder! ^^).
        So we can possible wait until tomorrow mn8 ? Because he has to upload 1080p version + 720p public ??

        • Dont worry he isnt going to upload 400gb video . He takes that video and formats it into mp4 so the size shrinks 90%. But as im looking at the size of ep2 that had aprx. 9 minutes, there´s a really big possibility that this one will have 1gb , if not , ill be happy. But the numbers dont lie

          • I don’t understand the obession about the file being small, the bigger it is, the longer and better it is, so I say bring on the 1TB download!

            • It has the same quality as the 1080p no difference only smaller size. And big avi files tend to lag/stutter a lot .

            • No one stores a “raw” animation in .avi . I’am using a .png’s, so it’s basicly a 25000 separate frames in my folder. PNG’s are great, cause of lossless compression, and have alpha channel.

              • So you render to frames even from Aefx right? And then you put those png frames in whatever video editing software you use.
                Hmm, well you found first human who stores avi from aefx
                Never thought about rendering to frames even from aefx.
                I´ll give it a try!

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