Right now it’s about ~6 hours until some additional frames will be rendered. Plus – time to encode a 1080p (for patrons) and 720p (public) version.
It’s gonna be today, but not early, as always

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  1. We probably won’t see a voiced version until 2017 if you’re planning making rest of the episodes and only then voicing them. Though I don’t see an issue to make the voice actress to voice this episode as soon as possible and rest when they’ll be ready.

  2. I don’t see why he wouldn’t give the sound files to one of his patreon suppourters and have one who knows how to mix it in add sound.

  3. Hey animo,

    first thing for the new year get the sound on that video !!
    What I saw from the previews its gone be awesome as always but the sound was alright in your previous parts.
    So with 8k income per month get some1 to sound it up PLEASE

    Have a good old&new year !!

  4. I understand these things take time, but can you be more specific about when Episode 3 will get audio? The last episode took 6 months to make. If you make Episode 4, record audio for Episode 3, remaster the audio for *all* episodes, and combine all of the episodes *before* Episode 3 ever gets audio, then it stands to reason that Episode 3 won’t get audio until at least July – September 2016. That is, of course, assuming Episode 4 takes as long to make as Episode 3 – and we have little reason to believe it wont. We’re all fearing for the worst out here. I think most people will agree that Fall 2016 sounds realistic with the way things are going now. A little more warning would have been nice too, rather than dropping that bomb days away from launch. I think people would have been less alarmed if they’d known a month in advance that the next episode was going to be released as a work in progress, but I guess that would’ve had a negative affect on your number of Patreon subscribers as well. That sentence alone is it’s own spin waiting to be deconstructed, whether it was intentional or otherwise, but I digress. Will Episode 3 get audio in the next 6 months or should the less grateful and understanding half of us fap elsewhere?

  5. I think we should acknowledge that it has a free version … with other materials patreon delivered only to paid members .. so , should not press , much less criticize … A serious case that can rescue julio Jaker’s videos longer equal to that of a .gif image .¬¬

    thx animo

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